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What Homebuyers Can Be Thankful for in 2013

Shutterstock Homebuyers have had it tough lately, suddenly finding themselves in a sellers market as summer came along. And mortgages suddenly cost more too -- when you could even get one. But of course Thanksgiving isn't about looking at negatives. So, if you can, look past that elephant-in-the-room that is the credit... Continue Reading »

6 Real Estate Apps for Finding a New Home

By Jerry Kronenberg That cool new smartphone you got this holiday season can help you find a cool new place to live if you're planning on going house-hunting in 2013. That's because real estate firms, listing services, mortgage companies and more have thousands of free smartphone apps available to help you find your... Continue Reading »

6 Must-Have Mobile Tools and Apps for House Hunters

Whether you're a first-time home buyer or shopping around for your retirement home, the latest real estate apps for mobile devices put the marketplace at your fingertips -- literally. Here's a set of basic apps that are great downloads for active house hunters. While many big-name real estate companies have useful,... Continue Reading »

New iPad Tools Ease the House Hunter's Search

Looking to buy a home this spring? There are plenty of new real estate search tools designed to make your home search a whole lot easier. In the old days, house hunters relied on newspaper classified listings and brokers to hone in on properties that fit their criteria. These days, smartphones, tablets and PCs do all the... Continue Reading »

Apple iPad Real Estate Apps Are Here!

They're here!!!! Yes, Apple's new iPad has finally arrived, but I'm talking about the real estate apps for the iPad that are already available from Zillow, ZipRealty and others. While pundits debate the merits of the latest mobile marvel from Apple, one thing is clear: the iPad's big touch screen is perfectly suited for... Continue Reading »

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