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5 Kinds of People Who Shouldn't Be Landlords

ShutterstockIf your weekends are reserved solely for "me" time, you should skip the idea of investing in real estate. By Leonard Baron Owning rental property can be a great long-term wealth-building tool that is available even to individuals of very modest means. Plus, it doesn't take a degree in rocket science to get... Continue Reading »

Real Estate Investment Lessons From Warren Buffet

AP OMAHA, Neb. -- Warren Buffett is offering a refresher course on his approach to investing in his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway Inc. shareholders. Buffett's full letter won't be released until Saturday, but Fortune magazine published an excerpt of it online on Monday. The billionaire uses two personal real... Continue Reading »

Why Real Estate Could Be the Next Hot Investment, Even Now

Shutterstock By Natalia Angulo Following the lackluster August outlook for U.S. housing starts, it would be appropriate to ask why investors should consider putting their money into new home construction. U.S. housing starts rose less than expected amid a slowdown in the multifamily segment. While starts for... Continue Reading »

As Housing Market Stays Hot, Investors Seem to Have Cooled

Shutterstock By Margaret Chadbourn Wall Street's billion-dollar bargain hunt for homes in depressed markets across the United States appears to have plateaued, potentially helping to cool the steep run-up in home prices and bring first-time buyers back into the market. "Investors helped stabilize a housing market that... Continue Reading »

Real Estate Market 'Fundamentally Different,' Top Investor Says

By Paul Toscano Marc Nemer, the CEO of Cole Real Estate Investments, one of the largest publicly traded REITs, said that a recovery is under way with fundamentals noticeably improving in the market. "It's fundamentally different out there," Nemer told "Squawk on the Street" Friday, when asked how the market today... Continue Reading »

Should You Put a Real Estate Investment on Your Credit Card?

By Paula Pant Imagine: You're a beginner real estate investor. You want to flip a house for the first time. You don't have much money. Someone recommends that you get a Home Depot or Lowe's credit card, which offers 0-percent financing for 12 months, and use that credit card to fund the material purchase costs for... Continue Reading »

Does a Pool Make a Home a Better Investment?

By Tracy Royce I know I'm not the only one with the looming feeling investors might face this time of year: "Should I buy a house that has a pool?" In places like Arizona, we might look at things a little differently (any relief from the scorching desert is a plus!). If you're in the Midwest, having a pool might mean... Continue Reading »

Overseas Real Estate Investments Can Earn You Good Money

So you want to be a real estate investor? It can be all about where you're buying property. You of course want to be in a market where you stand the best chance to get the most bang for your buck. So where to look? Maybe not even in the United States. Try Panama. Buying homes overseas can be a cash cow for many.... Continue Reading »

What the Kardashians Teach Us About Real Estate Investing

By Frank DeFazio I'm ashamed to admit it but my wife has me hooked on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." For those who are lucky enough to not know who the Kardashians are, they are a family of socialite reality TV stars whose lives are chronicled nightly on the E! Network. In addition to their reality TV success, the... Continue Reading »

20 Best Cities to Buy Single-Family Rentals

One of the biggest driving forces of the housing recovery has been deep-pocketed investors snapping up single-family homes to rent out. But that works better for the corporate buyers, not always the individual investors. Still, it can be quite lucrative if you have the money. According to online foreclosure marketplace... Continue Reading »

Investing In Real Estate Before Buying Your First House?

By Leon Yang For many people their first goal in real estate is to purchase their own home. While it is most ideal to buy your first home before thinking about investing further in real estate, I believe at times that depends on where you live. The costs to purchase real estate in places like New York, San Francisco,... Continue Reading »

What Is an REO?

By Diana Olick REO is one of those terms that you hear a lot lately but can't quite place. And for people of a certain age, it calls to mind a certain 1970s and '80s rock band. Alas, that's not the REO of which we speak. So what is an REO? CNBC explains. What is an REO? REO stands for Real Estate Owned. It is actually... Continue Reading »

How to Choose an Investment Property That Earns You the Most

By Jeff Brown What type of investment property should you buy -- a condo or single-family home? Until recently, that was a trick question, as real estate was too risky and illiquid for most investors. But growing evidence of a rebound in the housing market reduces the risk your investment property would lose value. Rising... Continue Reading »

How to Be a Real Estate Mogul With Less Risk

By Michele Lerner Want to be a real estate mogul but without the hassle of directly owning property? Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs, offer a simpler -- and safer -- way to reap the benefits of a diversified real estate portfolio through owning shares of a portfolio of property. REITs, which are publicly traded... Continue Reading »

Want to Buy Rental Property? Consider The Expenses

By Leonard Baron If you are considering buying rental properties, you should already know how to analyze an investment by penciling out your real estate deal. Within that analysis, one of the critical tasks is accurately estimating how much your operating expenses -- property taxes, HOA fees, lawn care, property... Continue Reading »

Where Are the Real Home Bargains? Not Where You Think!

What if you could buy a house for $25,000 in a neighborhood that wasn't a battle-scarred slum and rent it out for $750 a month as soon as the ink was dry on the deal? Where are these deals that let you recapture your investment in just three years and from then on enjoy a steady monthly income from the property? If you... Continue Reading »

When It Comes to Square Footage, the U.S. Is Cheap

And if you don't believe us, check out this infographic, which compares the price-per-square foot of U.S. real estate to that of more than two dozen cities around the globe. At just over $1,000 per square foot, property in New York is downright cheap compared with Paris, London and Oslo. And at $54 a square foot, Houston... Continue Reading »

Thinking About Investing in Real Estate? Take 5 Tips From a Pro

With home prices and mortgage rates surfing the bottom of the real estate trough, it's no surprise that folks with money to spend are jumping into the investment market. According to a recent study by, real estate investors are buying three houses for every one house bought by someone for their personal use. And... Continue Reading »

Real Estate Investing: Learn What the Pros Know

There were plenty of people to blame for the housing bubble -- our politicians, the big banks, average American homeowners, and of course, the investors and the speculators. Many acted like the market would keep climbing forever, ignoring the reality that was staring us in the face all along -- fundamentals matter. I... Continue Reading »

Young Real Estate Investor: Where to Stash Extra Cash?

Andy Buman, 29, got interested in real estate a few years ago while working in construction. Since then, he has purchased two bank-owned single-family homes near Omaha, Neb., as rentals, and last fall bought a primary residence for himself and his fiancée, Valerie (both pictured at left). He has managed to save... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: A Sparkling Waterfront Condo for Much Less

Many investors have Miami Beach in their sights, so we thought we'd do a little bargain-hunting ourselves. We turned up this uber-sophisticated 20th-floor condo on Miami Beach's Millionaires' Row with a price tag of $1.2 million. At the market's peak, it would have been listed at least 30 percent more. Continue Reading »

Investors Prop Up Real Estate Market

Want to know who bought that house up the street? Chances are, it was an investor. Real estate investors are buying three homes for every one house bought by someone for their personal use, according to a study released today. And it's a pattern that's likely to continue in the next two years. Today's investors... Continue Reading »

How to Buy Foreclosures

Anthony Jackson, a second-grade teacher in Chicago's metro area, says the key to buying a foreclosure is to "strike early once you see the listing" and "don't bid too low." Jackson bought a bank-owned three-bedroom, single-family home with one-and-a-half baths in the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago. "I made an offer the... Continue Reading »

Miami Home Flippers Make a Comeback

If house-flipping -- the process of buying homes with the sole intention of reselling them shortly after at a profit -- defined the height of the housing bubble, then one recent deal suggests that this particular real estate beast is not quite dead yet. On March 5, a buyer purchased 19 units in a Miami condo development... Continue Reading »

Ladies Who Love Real Estate

What you've always suspected is true: women dig real estate more than men. A survey by Barclays Wealth, reported by the Wall Street Journal, found that 44 percent of women consider buying real estate more enjoyable, not having sex, but investing in other asset classes, compared to 28 percent of men. And nearly... Continue Reading »

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