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Real Estate Market 'Fundamentally Different,' Top Investor Says

By Paul Toscano Marc Nemer, the CEO of Cole Real Estate Investments, one of the largest publicly traded REITs, said that a recovery is under way with fundamentals noticeably improving in the market. "It's fundamentally different out there," Nemer told "Squawk on the Street" Friday, when asked how the market today... Continue Reading »

How to Be a Real Estate Mogul With Less Risk

By Michele Lerner Want to be a real estate mogul but without the hassle of directly owning property? Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs, offer a simpler -- and safer -- way to reap the benefits of a diversified real estate portfolio through owning shares of a portfolio of property. REITs, which are publicly traded... Continue Reading »

Wall Street's Hottest Investment Idea: Your House

By Stephen Gandel Your house might be a better investment than you think. At least Wall Street seems to think so. For a while now the conventional wisdom on real estate has been that while home prices might not fall much more, they aren't likely to go up anytime soon either. The best personal finance advice, then, when... Continue Reading »

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