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How to Be a Real Estate Mogul With Less Risk

By Michele Lerner Want to be a real estate mogul but without the hassle of directly owning property? Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs, offer a simpler -- and safer -- way to reap the benefits of a diversified real estate portfolio through owning shares of a portfolio of property. REITs, which are publicly traded... Continue Reading »

Investing in Real Estate? 6 Properties That Will Earn You The Most

By Leonard Baron If you're interested in improving your lot in life -- no pun intended -- by becoming a property mogul and investing your hard-earned capital into income-producing properties, there are some general guiding principles that should increase your chances of earning wealth. One of the better ways to improve... Continue Reading »

College Town Real Estate Investments Score High Marks

The closest thing to a sure bet in real estate may be going to college. Investments in college towns -- places where the community is shaped by a university's presence -- have done well while other niches in the housing market have, for the most part, fallen off the Dean's List. It comes down to the basic law of supply... Continue Reading »

Tempted to Invest in Real Estate? Read This First

With home values depressed and interest rates low, a lot of folks are beating the drum for real estate investment. "Record affordability provides rare window of opportunity," announces a recent Inman News report on the hottest investment markets. "Housing is back -- beat the crowd!" urges Fortune magazine. Don't get left... Continue Reading »

Buy vs. Rent: Borrowers' Rights

Until the housing crisis of the late 2000s, buying a home was equated with making a prudent real estate investment, especially if you were set on putting down your roots in one place for the next 15 to 30 years. But then conventional wisdom was defied. Over the past few years, homeowners entangled in risky, high-rate... Continue Reading »

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