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Mark Zuckerberg's Real Estate Move Finds a Following

Zillow By Catherine Sherman As Mark Zuckerberg's social networking company, Facebook, celebrates its 10th anniversary and has worldwide usage by 1.23 billion people, the tech titan finds himself at the forefront of a real estate trend: tech bosses who are buying up their neighbors' properties. Zuckerberg made headlines... Continue Reading »

Real Estate 2012: The Year the Housing Market Turned the Corner

2012 will probably be considered the year that a sinking housing market finally hit bottom and began to rise again. Home prices, home sales and new home construction all substantially increased amid shrinking inventory and record-low mortgage rates. Adding to the drama (and perhaps aiding the recovery): Lenders finally... Continue Reading »

World Cup Cheers U.K.'s Housing Market

Americans might scoff at the frenzy surrounding the World Cup soccer tournament, but for the rest of the world "the beautiful game" is serious business. So serious, in fact, that one British real estate agency expects the U.K. housing market to see a significant jump in activity immediately following the tournament.... Continue Reading »

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