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How Young Couple Renovated a 'Really Old House' [Video]

#fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-875217{display:none;} .cke_show_borders #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-875217, #postcontentcontainer #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-875217{width:570px;height:411px;display:block;} A young couple's casual stroll through their Cincinnati neighborhood turned into a home-remodeling... Continue Reading »

Home Equity Loans Making a Comeback

Shutterstock Home equity loans have reappeared as an option for many homeowners, giving remodeling projects a green light. Maybe you're thinking about renovating the kitchen, adding on a bathroom, how about replacing the roof? All of these and other improvements tend to be costly. So what's the best way to finance these... Continue Reading »

Remodeling? Avoid These Costly Mistakes

By Vera Gibbons While many Americans are ready to take on remodeling/renovation projects this spring, doing it the wrong way can be costly. Some errors to avoid: 1. Not knowing exactly what you want. If you don't know exactly what you want or specify what you want, you're going to get what the contractor thinks you... Continue Reading »

Spring Home Makeover Don'ts: HGTV's Sabrina Soto On Big Mistakes

Springtime is upon us, and you know what that means. Well, yeah, all that spring cleaning, but now's a great time to do something else with your home: give it a makeover. You may be considering repainting your home, buying new furniture or even going all the way with a remodel. You may also think you know... Continue Reading »

Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Will Make Your Home Fabulous

By John Riha If you're looking to remodel your kitchen, we've got good news and bad news. First, the good stuff. According to trend experts Lita Dirks and Dominick Tringali, you don't have to shell out major cash to add space. Instead, look to expand what you already have. Vault your ceiling, add windows, squeeze in... Continue Reading »

Home Remodeling Value Gaining Strength With Housing Recovery

By Christina Hoffmann 2013 is shaping up pretty sweetly for homeowners. First, there were the home owner-centric tax benefits (energy tax credits, PMI deduction, mortgage debt forgiveness) that Congress and the president extended through 2013; and now, we're seeing that our home improvement dollars are working harder.... Continue Reading »

Matt Feeney Finds His Denver Home Was Owned by Notorious Smaldone Mob Family and Rigged to Burn

A Denver man renovating his 1891 Victorian home reportedly discovered a very dangerous past behind its walls. He said that he found rows of matches intertwined with wires buried behind the plaster, so that it would be easy to burn the house down. But who would do such a thing? Well, how about Denver's most notorious... Continue Reading »

Remodeling? How to Pay for It When You Don't Have Home Equity

By Dona DeZube When your kitchen is screaming for quartz countertops but your wallet is yelling laminate, your home can be a great source for generating the income you need to fund a home renovation you want -- even if you don't qualify for a home equity loan. To make room in your monthly budget for a remodel, try these... Continue Reading »

Kitchen Renovation: Nick Bylsma of Topeka, Kan., Surprises Wife With Weekend Remodel Job

Love letters, flowers and jewelry would make a lot of women swoon, but Nick Bylsma wanted to do something extraordinary for his wife, Melissa, on their second wedding anniversary. So when she went away with her family one weekend last year, he told her that he'd be spending the time working. And that wasn't exactly a... Continue Reading »

If Donald Trump Made the Big Move

If Donald Trump, who says he is considering a run for U.S. president and even produced a hospital document to prove he was born on American soil, was elected and had to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, just how might he transform this world-famous dwelling? "I can't imagine how the White House would look once he got... Continue Reading »

Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic Sell Mansion for Big Profit

Bill Rancic, winner of the first Apprentice TV series, and his 36-year-old E! News co-host wife, Giuliana Rancic, just sold their renovated mansion in Hinsdale, Ill., for a major profit three months after moving in, and one month after selling a five-room Chicago condo for a profit. The Rancics, stars of the Style... Continue Reading »

Buying an Old House? Plan for These Home Repairs

During my 20 years as a professional home inspector I've walked the floorboards of thousands of old houses. By now, I've developed an uncanny ability to predict the home repairs they'll need before even setting foot inside. It all comes down to understanding the decade-to-decade differences in old house construction and... Continue Reading »

Working with Contractors: Preparation Prevents Problems

Winter is prime time for indoor remodeling jobs. But don't jump in just because a contractor suddenly has all the time in the world to work with you. When it comes to working with contractors, proper preparation is everything. You'll get the best price, best experience and best results--any time of year--if you follow... Continue Reading »

Serena and Venus Williams' Home Addition Revealed

Serena and Venus Williams have recently completed a two-story addition to replace a one-story wing on their massive Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., estate that they share. The 4,000-square-foot structure, which sits to the left of their circular drive by the gated entry, houses their training facility, says area real estate... Continue Reading »

The Best Holiday Home Improvements

We may not be able to predict whether home prices are going to rise or fall in 2011 (though our expert panel ventures some guesses), but one thing we know for sure: Smart home improvements will enhance the value of your house. It's more important than ever to invest your home improvement dollars wisely: According to the... Continue Reading »

Remodeling: When It's Worth the Cost

Is remodeling your home still worth the investment? Since refinancing isn't what it used to be, and because there are so many homes on the market, there's a new school of thought about remodels. A recent article in CNNMoney said no, because remodeling your home now doesn't necessarily give homeowners the greatest of... Continue Reading »

Marc Blucas of 'Buffy' Lists Homes He Renovated Himself

Actor Marc Blucas, who played Buffy the Vampire Slayer's boyfriend on TV for several seasons, has put two Brentwood, Calif. homes on the market that he personally renovated. "Marc did it all himself," listing agent Juliette Hohnen of Teles Properties told HousingWatch. The single-family homes located at 11938 and 11930... Continue Reading »

Obama's Oval Office: Redecorating for World's Most Famous Tenant

What do you do when you move into a new rental? Redecorate, of course. The White House last week unveiled President Obama's redesigned Oval Office. The makeover, completed under the eye of California designer Michael Smith while the First Family was vacationing in Martha's Vineyard, showcases a sea of brown, camel, and... Continue Reading »

SoCal Remodeling Projects Make Comeback as Economy Improves

Southern California homes are looking good. During the economic free-fall, contractors and builders offered cut-rate services and apparently SoCal citizens responded. And that's helping the remodeling industry make a comeback. A recent L.A.Times story reported that 62 percent of homeowners said they planned to embark on... Continue Reading »

Garage Makeovers Go Glam

Garages have always been useful for so many things -- like storing your car, of course -- but also as a space for your kid's punk band to practice and for that great high-tech startup. But now, thanks to the recession and a crappy real estate market that makes everyone just want to stay put forever, garages are emerging... Continue Reading »

Current Housing Market Solution: Renovate, Renovate, Renovate

We know that the Great Recession and housing market collapse has made many homeowners very nervous. But it has also made them very practical. New statistics reveal that instead of seeking bigger, more expensive houses, homeowners are staying put, making the ones they have look nicer and more energy efficient, and doing it... Continue Reading »

Your Kitchen Gets Geek Chic

It's hard to imagine now, but there was a time not long ago when people would never have considered their kitchen as an appropriate place for a computer. Attitudes have changed, though, and connected devices are everywhere. That now includes the kitchen, where you'll find Internet-ready touchscreens on appliances like... Continue Reading »

Think Twice Before You Start that Home Improvement Project

Home prices aren't the only thing that has plummeted recently. So, too, has the value of home improvement projects, according to Remodeling magazine. Overall, homeowners can expect to see just 63.8 percent of their remodeling dollars added to the value of their home, according the the magazine's annual Remodeling Cost... Continue Reading »

When Free Rent Costs $3,000

Renting a dump? Maybe you can make a deal with your landlord. According to The New York Times, that's what San Francisco designer, Grant K. Gibson, did when he offered to renovate his apartment in exchange for two months' worth of rent. But what The Times fails to ask is whether the trade is worth your time. Gibson's... Continue Reading »

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