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Apartment Vacancy Rate Falls to 4% in U.S.

Shutterstock"Demand for apartments is seemingly insatiable." By Michelle Conlin The U.S. apartment vacancy rate fell to 4 percent in the first quarter of 2014 as the market's recovery stretched into its fourth year, according to real estate research firm Reis Inc. The vacancy rate now stands 400 basis points below its... Continue Reading »

What Renters Say Would Make Them Move in 2014

Shutterstock By Christine DiGangi Money is the chief motivator in American renters' decision to move (or not to move) in 2014, according to a survey from Among renters who plan to move this year, the most common reason they're looking -- cited by 24.6 percent -- is because they want a cheaper apartment.... Continue Reading »

Generation Y Cities: 5 Metros Where Millennials Should Move

By Jerry Kronenberg BOSTON -- With mobile phones, mobile computing, Foursquare and GPS, Generation Y seems like it's always on the move -- but where should its 20- and 30-something members be moving to? Move Inc., parent company of and other relocation-oriented Web sites, recently assessed dozens of... Continue Reading »

Renting From a Relative (The Right Way)

When Rachel Lewis moved in with her mother-in-law in Oakland, Calif., you can bet it wasn't her idea. "It was my mother-in-law's [idea]," she says. "I did not like it. But the apartment next to ours had been condemned because of mold," she explains, "and our daughter kept getting sick, so we left." Living with family can... Continue Reading »

Rent Stabilized Apartments: A Dying Breed?

Perhaps you've visited a friend's apartment and looked around thinking, "I had no idea Insert-Friend's-Name was a bazillionaire!" But there, in a to-die-for two bedroom in the best neighborhood in one of the most expensive cities in America, how could you think anything less? That is, until they utter the words, "It's rent... Continue Reading »

Renters: Use Neighbors to Save Money

Marla Mathless had been a renter in her downtown Manhattan building for seven years before she formally met her neighbor. "He came over and asked if I'd split my cable costs with him," she says. "He said he couldn't afford it anymore and wanted to just drill a small hole in the wall to run the cable into both apartments.... Continue Reading »

How to Make Extra Money by Subletting

When Erica Barth, co-founder of the Harlem Yoga Studio, in New York City got her business going, she found a commercial space within a residential building and subleased it from a resident in the building. "We worked closely with the daughter of the owner of the building," says Barth. "And we just assumed everything was... Continue Reading »

Renters Insurance: What It Does and Doesn't Do

Most people do not sit around waiting for the worst to happen. However, with a nearly 10 percent unemployment rate, it takes only a bit of common sense to assume that increased criminal activity in the U.S. might soon follow. "When I bought a home I was required by the banks -- who have a vested interest in the property... Continue Reading »

Rahm Emanuel Wants Chicago Tenant Out

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel wants to spend more time at home in Chicago as he considers his bid for mayor of the Windy City. There's just one problem: His tenants don't want to move out just yet. Of course unaware that Mayor Richard M. Daley would announce on Sept. 7 that he would not run again for mayor in... Continue Reading »

Is Renting the New American Dream?

Today's homeowners aspire to ... rent? That's what the majority of respondents to a Harris Interactive poll said when asked about attitudes toward renting. Seventy-six percent of those who responded to the May survey said that they believe that renting is a better option that buying a home in the current real estate... Continue Reading »

How to Rent an Apartment for Cheap

Allison G. wanted to move to a nice one-bedroom apartment in Beverly Hills for as little rent per month as possible. Though the median for a one bedroom in the area is $1,850 a month, Allison found her dream apartment--with outdoor space, hardwood floors and parking -- for under $1,400. When you're in the market to rent... Continue Reading »

Housing Blues Makes Renting Red Hot

Did you participate in any "Psychology 101" experiments in college? In the name of science you're asked to complete a task. Meanwhile, the researchers track other aspects of your behavior and try to establish greater understanding about human nature. Most experiments are designed so you aren't even aware of what the... Continue Reading »

The World's Smallest Apartment Gets a Tenant

Ever think about living in a cramped, windowless room with a wire roof? No, not like a battery cage chicken, more like, a 25-year old Chinese woman named Zhang Qi. Her insanely-tiny apartment is just 21 square-feet! She's the first to move into what the developer is calling a "capsule apartment" -- and what we're calling... Continue Reading »

What's Hot on RentedSpaces This Week

From the weird (edible candles), to the wild (wacko Craigslist posts), to the wonderful (a smart money-saving web site), see what was cookin' on RentedSpaces this week. The most popular posts: 1. Live at Walmart, Not Sprawl-Mart Laugh if you will at the seeming absurdity of a Walmart being built on top of a Lowe's, but... Continue Reading »

Party Over for Renters?

Yes, it's been a fine year to be a renter. First came the reduced rental rates caused by a wave of additional housing inventory. (Thanks, troubled housing market!) Next came landlords who were willing to negotiate. Some even courted their renters by throwing in some extras and freebies to entice. By January 2010... Continue Reading »

Sex Offenders as Building Supers? Not in NY

New Yorkers can breathe a sigh of grateful relief: politicians are stepping forward to ensure that sex offenders are prohibited from holding apartment superintendent jobs. New York politicians like state Assembly member Micah Kellner and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer are developing legislation to prevent those convicted... Continue Reading »

Brother, Can You Spare A Sparefoot?

Perry Nelson, 31-year-old M.B.A. candidate at the University of Texas at Austin, rents an apartment and makes money off it. For the past semester, she has been charging $25 a month to rent out the space next to a desk in the corner of her dining room as storage to a student who is studying abroad. How did she come up with... Continue Reading »

Five Reasons to Rent Now in Chicago

The weak economy has landlords on the ropes and renters are trying their best to swoop in quickly to take advantage. According to a recent national survey conducted by, more than 95 percent of renters say they plan on moving to another apartment in 2010. Renters are also choosing to make their transitions... Continue Reading »

Rents Continue Nationwide Free Fall

Conventional wisdom says it's far better to own than rent. But the real-estate sparked recession has taught us that conventional wisdom doesn't always hold up, especially in the face of extreme bubbles and the bursts that follow. The rental market is proof of that. In market after market, a new report reveals, rental... Continue Reading »

Illinois Offers New Web Site for Renters

For Illinois residents who are looking to rent for the first time, or who are planning on moving into a new rented residence soon, a group of state agencies has started, a free, bilingual Web site that aims to help people find housing that suits their needs and financial capacities. The Illinois... Continue Reading »

Apartment Foreclosures: Will Yours Be Next?

This week The New York Times chronicled the hubris of Dawnay Day, a high-flying UK real estate investment firm that swooped into the U.S. with big plans to turn shabby apartment buildings into upscale pads with rents to match. (The piece is a swan song for Times real estate reporter Christine Haughney, who was just laid... Continue Reading »

Will You Be My Neighbor, Mr. Borough President?

At the ripe old age of 64, Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz has finally become a man – at least in real estate terms. On November 30, Markowitz and his wife, Jamie, bought their first home for $1.45 million on a tree-lined, Windsor Terrace street, just one block from Prospect Park. "I've always been a... Continue Reading »

Twisting Landlord's Arm So Last Year

Finally! The shift in power is here. Not so long ago, if you asked for a rent reduction your landlord might have hung up on you. Now, with vacancy rates reaching 23-year highs (according to The Wall Street Journal) you, dear renter, have the negotiating equivalent of a circus strongman. The numbers tell the story. We... Continue Reading »

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