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How to Find Rentals Accepting Large Dogs

Shutterstock By Jennifer Chan Finding an affordable and comfortable apartment can be an incredibly time-consuming process. Add a large dog to the mix, and it's next to impossible. That's what Jan Even, owner of a 90-pound Rottweiler mix, experienced during her Bay Area apartment search. She was planning to rent in San... Continue Reading »

10 Tips for Finding Your First Apartment

By My First Apartment When you're looking for an apartment for the first time, it can be overwhelming.The best way not to panic is to break the process down into 10 sequential steps. The timeline will mostly depend on how long it will take you to save the upfront cash you'll need, but after the money is in the bank, you... Continue Reading »

How to Negotiate Your Rent: 4 Key Steps

By Vera Gibbons As many potential buyers continue to shelve their purchase plans and opt to rent instead, vacancies are low, and rents, which take a big bite out of your household income, are high -- up 5.8 percent in the Chicago metropolitan area, for example; up 8.3 percent in Philadelphia. This makes finding a place --... Continue Reading »

Turn Your Rental into a Staycation Paradise

Not everyone can hop the next flight to Tahiti, no matter how long it takes spring arrive. But even if your home is a rental, there are ways to turn a boring weekend into the staycation of your dreams! "We are homebodies," says Kay Rubia in Los Angeles, "but it helps sometimes to move things around in our apartment and... Continue Reading »

Renters: Go Green This Earth Month

This Earth Month (April), it might be a good idea to think about a few things you can do to green your rented home. It's true, home owners might have more control in this department - They are the only ones responsible for what appliances they use, the types of water-heaters they buy and everything else from pipes to... Continue Reading »

Can Renters Get Insurance Protection Against Natural Disasters?

How do renters protect themselves from natural disasters? Joyce Jones was living in New Orleans in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit. She evacuated before the levees broke, but her rental apartment was all but in shambles when she returned to it three weeks later. "I didn't have any coverage so I just lost everything," she... Continue Reading »

Rental Market Still Belongs to Renters

A headline-grabbing article last week suggests that after three years of flat growth, apartment rents are poised to spike and may jump 10 percent by 2012. The piece, from CNN Money, bases its prediction of double-digit rent increases on pent-up demand from twentysomethings who were forced to move in with their parents... Continue Reading »

Renting From a Relative (The Right Way)

When Rachel Lewis moved in with her mother-in-law in Oakland, Calif., you can bet it wasn't her idea. "It was my mother-in-law's [idea]," she says. "I did not like it. But the apartment next to ours had been condemned because of mold," she explains, "and our daughter kept getting sick, so we left." Living with family can... Continue Reading »

Medical Marijuana: How Card-Carrying Renters Cope

Fourteen states plus our nation's capital now have legalized medical marijuana use. However, that doesn't mean state-issued, card-carrying Americans in those green states can just spark up on any American stoop. For renters, puffing pot is best kept behind closed and sealed doors, out of sight of uptight landlords. Medical... Continue Reading »

Renters: How to Make Your Landlord Love You

"My landlord in the first place I ever rented was amazing," says Anya Novak, a nonprofit manager in Los Angeles. "So I was really taken aback when I got a landlord who never answered my calls, much less dealt with my problems." Not all landlords and building managers are the kind that call and ask how everything is going.... Continue Reading »

The Best Rentals: How to Find the Perfect Apartment

When Jenny Mickleson of Austin, Tex., went looking for her apartment she had a hard time figuring out which were the best rentals. "It wasn't that I couldn't find a good place, but I just kept thinking the next one might be better," she says. "I had the hardest time saying yes!" Some people are lucky enough to have... Continue Reading »

Affordable Rentals -- in a Mansion?

Affordable rentals are becoming harder to come by as people decide against buying a home in the current distressed market. Well, here's an option you may not have thought of: Rent a room in a mansion. Alyssa Abkowitz of SmartMoney reports on this emerging trend that has average renters curling up in the lap of... Continue Reading »

Renters: Raise Your Credit Score Now

It's probably safe to say that it isn't having a new apartment that's hard, it's getting it. First, there's the legwork, then there's the scraping together a security deposit and first and last months' rent. But for some people, it's that pesky credit score that stands between them and the garden apartment with tons of... Continue Reading »

Mark Zuckerberg Rents Home (Again!)

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder and CEO, is learning that privacy is more of an ideal than a reality, even if he moves to a relatively modest new rental home. The 26-year-old Zuckerberg moved recently -- a whole seven blocks away from his old rental home -- into a slightly larger, moderately more expensive, but most... Continue Reading »

Noisy Neighbors Get Noticed in Narragansett

In the sleepy seaside community of Narragansett, R. I., noisy neighbors get a 10-by-14-inch orange sticker slapped on the front door of their homes. Now some landlords are raising the volume of their complaints about the ordinance that permits the stickers to be posted, arguing they lower real estate values and the rents... Continue Reading »

Roommates: The 'Laverne and Shirley' Way

Maybe Laverne and Shirley had it right. The fictional roommates from the hit 1970s sitcom played by Penny Marshall, right, and Cindy Williams had fights, but they also had plenty of fun. Last week, featured a personal essay by Brooklyn writer, florist and stylist, Amy Merrick. In the article Merrick claimed... Continue Reading »

Home Rentals on the Auction Block?

Going, going...rented! In the current state of the real estate market, auctioning homes for sale has become quite common, but auctioning rental homes remains unusual. Certainly it seemed unusual to Neal VanDeRee, owner of the VanDeRee Auction Company in Venice, Fla., when his late father, George VanDeRee, who started the... Continue Reading »

Tenants: Keep Your Landlord in Check

The landlord tenant relationship is a notoriously difficult one. More often than not, it's an unbalanced struggle of power. But there are measures that tenants can take to keep the peace at home. Renters shouldn't live in a place that barely passes code, but rather a place of comfort and safety lasting more than a 12... Continue Reading »

The Renter's Guide to Holiday Safety

The holiday season can be one of the happiest of the year, but holiday safety is paramount. The U.S. Fire Administration and FEMA warn that the most home fires and fire-related injuries are reported during the holidays. Crime also has a way of going up during the holiday season: Perhaps the idea of the big man in red... Continue Reading »

The Best Neighborhoods for Renters

What makes a place one of the best neighborhoods for renters? It has to have it all -- from inexpensive rent to a reputation as a top hot spot. Best of all, they have not only been vetted for coolness, but they are safe, central and and all-around worthy of a list like this. Have you ever thought about what neighborhood... Continue Reading »

When Renting Is Better Than Buying

Renting has always had its advantages over buying, but then this past summer, interest rates fell to an all-time low. However, home sales remained dismal at best. According to an article published by the "Washington Post," the average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage tumbled to 4.69 percent, falling from an already low... Continue Reading »

Use Your Rental to Make Extra Money

It doesn't take much these days to find oneself strapped for cash. When you own your home, you don't always need outside approval to use your space to make extra money. But with a little creativity and know-how, even renters can use their homes to generate income. "Around the same time I first got serious with my... Continue Reading »

How to Handle Suspicious Neighbors

Ever had your suspicions about the guy next door? Late-night visitors? A lot of people "dropping by" for quick visits? Gunshots? "At the first place I rented in college, I was pretty sure the guy upstairs had some kind of a business going on out of his apartment," says Dusty Wymon of Dublin, Ohio. "I didn't want to jump... Continue Reading »

How to Negotiate Rent

As a New York native, whose wildest rental aspiration was a walk-in closet and a room with a view, Melissa Davitt Roth (pictured left) was amazed by what she found in Los Angeles. After moving three times in the last three years, Roth had become something of a rental savant -- but she never expected to find her current... Continue Reading »

Is Your Neighbor a Peeping Tom?

Dear Apartment Guru, I am worried my neighbor is spying on me. I recently found a small hole in my bathroom about the size of a pinkie nail. I don't know why, but I decided to cover it up. I am not so savvy with spackle so I put a little framed picture over it. A few days later, the picture had mysteriously fallen to the... Continue Reading »

How to Get Out of the Lease for a Flea-Bitten, Water-Damaged Apartment

Dear Apartment Guru, I signed on an apartment in Queens and paid the first and last months' rent, a finder's fee to a broker and a security deposit. But when I went to move into the apartment there was a flea infestation, the place was a mess and new water damage had practically destroyed the kitchen. Needless to say, I... Continue Reading »

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