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Want to Rent Out Your Home? Take Some Advice

Gary Malin (pictured at left) is the president of Citi Habitats, one of New York City's largest and most successful residential real estate brokerages. He is also a licensed attorney and a member of the Real Estate Board of New York. Renting out your home for extra income can be a wise decision in today's housing market.... Continue Reading »

Beyonce and Jay-Z's Hamptons Rental (House of the Day)

Hollywood powerhouse couple Jay-Z and Beyonce are usually way ahead of the pack. From pioneering the raciest new fashion trends to buying hot new basketball teams, this duo's got the inside track on anything that's even halfway cool -- except this house. We had our greedy eyes on this ridiculously over-the-top... Continue Reading »

Woman Lives in 90-Square-Foot New York Apartment

Watch your knees in the bathroom ... careful you don't knock down those towering shelves ... and don't bang your head on the ceiling in the loft! Those are words to live by for New Yorker Felice Cohen, who lives in a 90-square-foot apartment. (That's her in her loft bed at left.) That's right, it's just 12 feet long by 7... Continue Reading »

Can Renters Buy Their Own Appliances?

Renters, have you ever lived in a rental with the kind of refrigerator that could only fit a pint of milk and an apple? Ever dreamed of a top-load washing machine that didn't shred your favorite T-shirts? Ever wish you had a dryer that actually dried your towels in the first cycle rather than the fourth? Sometimes being a... Continue Reading »

Rent Stabilized Apartments: A Dying Breed?

Perhaps you've visited a friend's apartment and looked around thinking, "I had no idea Insert-Friend's-Name was a bazillionaire!" But there, in a to-die-for two bedroom in the best neighborhood in one of the most expensive cities in America, how could you think anything less? That is, until they utter the words, "It's rent... Continue Reading »

The Renters' Guide to Tipping

"When I sold my house and moved into my apartment," says Lydia Morgan, an enthusiastic renter in Chicago, "I loved not worrying about the foundation of my home. I have a great landlord, and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation to her but I wasn't sure what was appropriate." While renting your home does get you... Continue Reading »

How to Make Extra Money by Subletting

When Erica Barth, co-founder of the Harlem Yoga Studio, in New York City got her business going, she found a commercial space within a residential building and subleased it from a resident in the building. "We worked closely with the daughter of the owner of the building," says Barth. "And we just assumed everything was... Continue Reading »

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Rental?

Paying too much for rent will only bring on debt. Yet some fail to make this connection. Such a hefty rent might get paid every month, but there will be nothing left to cover gas, food, utilities. Before leasing a "financial burden," or just getting by every paycheck, consider the benefits of figuring out an affordable... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Building Manager Lets Himself In, Watches TV

Dear Apartment Guru, I think my building manager comes into my apartment when I'm not at home. He doesn't do much, but my theory is that he watches my TV and eats my cereal and other food that he thinks I won't notice. I started suspecting when my downstairs neighbor was home sick one day and heard someone in my... Continue Reading »

How to Rent an Apartment for Cheap

Allison G. wanted to move to a nice one-bedroom apartment in Beverly Hills for as little rent per month as possible. Though the median for a one bedroom in the area is $1,850 a month, Allison found her dream apartment--with outdoor space, hardwood floors and parking -- for under $1,400. When you're in the market to rent... Continue Reading »

Los Angeles Rental: Miracle Mile 2BR for $1,795

Among the many advantages of having an older apartment is: Its layout is often conducive to separating communal living space from bedroom space. This comes in particularly handy when you find yourself hosting overnight guests or have a roommate -- everyone gets their own space. And in well-priced two-bedroom,... Continue Reading »

Roommate Rental Nightmares: Sex With Attitude, an Entrepreneur and a Well-Hung, Goateed Fun-Lover

Why is the world so creepy? Why do we have to endure an endless sea of creepy people on Craigslist looking to have you as their potential roommate? What do we get today in our search for a room? Sex with rich men, well hung roommates with a goatee, and an eccentric millionaire who will spoil you. Click on to read about... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Tiny Studio, Shower Peeking and Cuddle Partners

Help! There's more crazy potential roommates out there on Craigslist -- and they're waiting for you to move in. What's on the plate? A small studio apartment only big enough to fit one bed; a guy who wants to see you nude in the shower; a couple who want to cuddle with you and more. Read on my friends, read on ... Continue Reading »

Jane Fonda's Atlanta Loft for Sale or Rent

Talk about taking the direct approach. Jane Fonda wrote in her blog this week about how she's ready to sell or rent her Atlanta loft. First, she wrote a thoughtful, personal assessment of why she is leaving town. Then she followed that up with some lovely photographs of her abode that shows off the stunning Southern... Continue Reading »

Decorating Tips to Transform Your Rental Into a Home

If you walk in to someone's home, you can usually tell a great deal about them by the way it is decorated. For instance, on the Style Network's hit show Jerseylicious, Olivia's apartment reveals her wild side and flair for the flamboyant, via the hot pink walls and zebra-print throw pillows. Indeed a fitting style for the... Continue Reading »

New York Insider: Harlem Writer Jozen Cummings

A few important things to know about writer Jozen Cummings: He can be wooed by the free Wi-Fi of Harlem's cozy, trademark coffee shops. He once witnessed a robbery uptown that unsettled his peace. He accidentally dates women who live in the same building as each other. Harlem, as Cummings says, is a small world. And with... Continue Reading »

A Renter's Foreclosure Nightmare

Homeowners aren't the only victims of the mortgage crisis - many upstanding renters are getting caught up in foreclosure dramas, too. But without a clear idea of renters' rights, this group is getting bullied by panicked landlords and less-than-scrupulous lenders. One Tampa renter, wrongly evicted after his landlord's... Continue Reading »

How to Evaluate a Rental House

Are you an "accidental" renter who really wants to own a house? You're not alone. Cyberhomes blogger Lauren Baier Kim recently shared how she and her husband were turned down for a home loan, and, subsequently, started looking at rental homes. She describes a common need to accommodate visiting family members and friends.... Continue Reading »

Death by a Rental Balcony? No Thanks.

Safe to say, a worse fate than not landing the rental apartment with the balcony is to land the rental with the balcony and then fall off. It doesn't happen often in New York City, the plummeting of humans from the jutted, open-air perks of hi-rise residential buildings. But when it does, as it did on March 14th, the... Continue Reading »

RE Exec Sues Over $195,000 Rental of Hamptons

Imagine plunking down $195,000 for a six-week rental only to find it was a dump? That's what happened to New York real estate executive Keith Rubenstein when he rented what he thought was a luxury Southampton beach house on New York's Long Island last summer for six weeks. Or so he alleges. The oceanfront estate turned out... Continue Reading »

Dramatic Facelift for Low-Income Housing in Miami

New-and-improved home sweet home. A Mediterranean Revival style building, once so deteriorated that the city of Miami Beach was ready to demolish it, has been brought back to life by the Miami Beach Community Development Corporation (CDC), a non-profit group that will maintain it as housing for low-income seniors. The... Continue Reading »

Sweet L.A. Rental: Hollywood Hills 2-Bdrm for $1,529

Look at you and your fancy new Hollywood Hills home! I wish I could move to L.A. and live in this sweet rental. Here's your chance to live it up in the groovy, swinging, Hollywood HIlls where each day you can take in an awesome view of the Los Angeles skyline and laugh at all those peasants who live down... Continue Reading »

YouTube Rental Ad for Perfect Park Slope Pad

The story goes: a friend of a friend of a friend has a way of making sure he doesn't end up with crazy roommates. The test? "Say you had something you wanted to discuss with one or all of us, and we were out for the day," he'll say to prospective renters. "What would you do?" Anyone who so much as mentions the words... Continue Reading »

Sweet L.A. Rental: Eagle Rock Paradise for $2,200

The ad for this apartment describes it as a renter's paradise. Well, sign me up. That's exactly what I'm looking for in a new apartment. I imagine being shown around this splendid 2-bedroom house -- located in the arty community of Eagle Rock -- by Hobbits and gnomes, or maybe a few of those fellows from "Lord of the... Continue Reading »

Extend Your Stay in Portland

In the Mississippi Historic District of Portland, Oregon, builders Jeff Gantert and Brad Bloom have put up three tiny, vernacular cottages that are available as rentals on an unusual (but highly likable) basis: for one month at a time. Gantert and Bloom were inspired by the historical architecture of their neighborhood,... Continue Reading »

Rent More Than Just Your Housing

Not sure you can make your rent this month, or just need some extra pocket money? Look around your place and see what you have that other people might want to rent–for cash. facilitates private-party rental agreements for just about anything you can borrow or lend, from baby equipment to computers to... Continue Reading »

Will You Be My Neighbor, Mr. Borough President?

At the ripe old age of 64, Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz has finally become a man – at least in real estate terms. On November 30, Markowitz and his wife, Jamie, bought their first home for $1.45 million on a tree-lined, Windsor Terrace street, just one block from Prospect Park. "I've always been a... Continue Reading »

Sweet Rental: Wrigleyville Duplex for $2,795

If your standards are anything like mine, then you know how hard it is to find an affordable, yet livable apartment in Chicago. When I'm looking for new digs, amenities like air conditioning, a dishwasher and on-site laundry are non-negotiable must-haves. And this Wrigleyville duplex has all that and then some. Continue Reading »

Sweet Rental: Larchmont Apartment for $1595

This lovely 1-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom townhouse apartment n Larchmont Village is available for rent at $1595. From this apartment you can walk to the shops and restaurants of Larchmont Village (Crumbs cupcakes anyone?), or to work if you happen to work at Paramount Studios or Raleigh, which are down the street and around the... Continue Reading »

Life in a 55 Square Foot Rental

On the heels of a story about a couple's 175 square foot studio apartment in Morningside Heights, which they bought for $150,000, The New York Post has run a feature on outrageously small rental apartments, starting with the 55 square foot studio of Eddie Rabon. The freelance producer's home in the neighborhood of Hell's... Continue Reading »


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