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For Rent: Houses Under 500 Square Feet

ZillowThis cozy cabin at 4304 Brush Hill Road in Nashville has a rustic feel with a water mill and simple furnishings. By Catherine Sherman With high rents in several parts of the country, it's not uncommon to find apartments measuring under 500 square feet. According to tiny housing expert Ryan Mitchell, there's also... Continue Reading »

Investors Attack Energy Boomtown's Housing Shortage by Sea

seanavigatorsson/Flickr By Julie Gordon Hundreds of construction workers in booming northern British Columbia are taking up residence in unique digs on board a cruise ferry revamped into a floating luxury hotel. The aging ship will help relieve a housing shortage in one busy Canadian port town already bursting ahead of... Continue Reading »

Woman Allegedly Fooled 6 Families Into Renting a Home She Didn't Own

WDAF-TV It might be the boldest variation yet on what's becoming a classic Craigslist scam. A woman in western Missouri is accused of bilking at least six families out of thousands in rent and deposits on a house that she pretended to own, promising each that they'd be the sole occupants when she moved out this fall.... Continue Reading »

It's Renters vs. Hotels as New York City Battles Sublet Websites

Seth Wenig/The Associated Press By Verena Dobnik NEW YORK -- Each night, people in apartments all over New York City are cleaning up, putting out fresh towels and clearing out -- to rent their private space to strangers from around the world. Thousands of city residents are using websites such as to list... Continue Reading »

10 Tips for Maintaining Your Rental Properties

By Sharon Vornholt Just about everyone takes care of the maintenance on their personal home; it's a matter of pride for most of us. We all know that it doesn't take too long for little problems to become big problems. Over the years, I have found that many landlords just aren't as diligent when it comes to resolving... Continue Reading »

20 Best Cities to Buy Single-Family Rentals

One of the biggest driving forces of the housing recovery has been deep-pocketed investors snapping up single-family homes to rent out. But that works better for the corporate buyers, not always the individual investors. Still, it can be quite lucrative if you have the money. According to online foreclosure marketplace... Continue Reading »

10 Tips for Finding Your First Apartment

By My First Apartment When you're looking for an apartment for the first time, it can be overwhelming.The best way not to panic is to break the process down into 10 sequential steps. The timeline will mostly depend on how long it will take you to save the upfront cash you'll need, but after the money is in the bank, you... Continue Reading »

Inauguration 2013 Rental Prices in Washington D.C. Reach $10,000 for a 4-Day Stay

President Obama's 2013 inauguration is going on now in Washington, D.C., and for those who live there, be glad. You don't have to pay for a place to stay. For those traveling to the nation's capitol for the event, we feel for you. If you've opted for a rental during your stay, you're paying inauguration rental prices of up... Continue Reading »

Home Asking Prices Log Biggest Year-Over-Year Jump Since Recession

By Jed Kolko In August, home asking prices rose 2.3 percent year over year, the largest annual jump reported yet by online listing service Trulia's Price Monitor and the largest year-over-year increase since before the recession. Excluding foreclosures, asking prices rose nationally 3.8 percent year over year. The... Continue Reading »

10 DIY Projects That Even Renters Can Do

By Scott Gamm NEW YORK -- Even though mortgage rates are at historically low levels, it's the rental market in many areas across the U.S. that is really heating up. Obtaining a mortgage is undoubtedly a strenuous process on the heels of tightened credit standards. Add to that the fact that many Americans simply can't... Continue Reading »

Pam, Leo, Pierce: A Summer of Celebrity Rentals

Tis the season, it seems, for high-end celebrity rentals! Not that we're complaining. It's just that the level of (largely unattainable) eye candy being thrust on the market is getting slightly out of hand. First, there was Pamela Anderson's $50,000-a-month rental in Malibu (down $25,000 from last year). Then there was... Continue Reading »

How Paying Rent Can Boost Your Credit Score

Numbers can drive you nuts. Some folks don't like the digits that reveal their ages, others get frustrated by the ones that make up their bank balances. Some parents can't figure out the "new math," and some of us are still a little shaky on the old math. But one number nearly everyone would agree they'd like to raise is... Continue Reading »

Paris Hilton's Former Rooms for Rent at $20K a Month

The 3,000-square-foot Hollywood Hills home once owned by Paris Hilton--and sold furnished, right down to her life-size portrait--now is available for lease at $20,000 a month. Mauricio Umansky, the Beverly Hills listing agent for the lease (and Paris' uncle), says the current owner is a Texas attorney who used the house... Continue Reading »

One in Four Renters' Choice: Food or Shelter

The recession has forced many Americans to make some hard choices, but none as stark as this: food or shelter. One in every four families that rent their homes could have to choose between paying rent, buying groceries or staying current on bills, according to a report released Tuesday. Yepoka Yeebo at Huffington Post... Continue Reading »

Vacation Rentals You Won't Believe

As the mercury rises, demand for vacation rentals is about to pick up. So why not break from the pack this summer and explore some of America's less, shall we say, "conventional" getaways? How about spending the Fourth of July perched atop an active lighthouse (we dare you to find a better place to watch the... Continue Reading »

Beach Rentals 2011: Boom or Bust?

Want to know if the recession is really over? Watch this space in two months for the answer. Using the high-end summer beach leases in Malibu and the Hamptons as a barometer, it looks like the prices being asked for seasonal rentals are as high as ever--up to $150,000 a month for a place in Malibu Colony and a whopping... Continue Reading »

Rent Bea Arthur's Brentwood Home for $32,500 (See Photos)

The estate of the late Bea Arthur of TV's The Golden Girls and Maude is trying to lease the Brentwood home in Los Angeles where she spent the last days of her life, reported the Real Estalker. The family is asking about $32,500 per month, though no word if that includes furnishings. The 5-bedroom home with vaulted... Continue Reading »

The Best Rentals: How to Find the Perfect Apartment

When Jenny Mickleson of Austin, Tex., went looking for her apartment she had a hard time figuring out which were the best rentals. "It wasn't that I couldn't find a good place, but I just kept thinking the next one might be better," she says. "I had the hardest time saying yes!" Some people are lucky enough to have... Continue Reading »

Last-Minute Apartment Rental Tips

One day, Tanya Alison got an urgent phone call from a friend in need of an apartment rental. "She was moving here with a husband, a dog and two cats in less than two weeks," Alison explains from her Brooklyn apartment. "She was flying in for twenty-four hours and intended to use the ones in which she wasn't asleep... Continue Reading »

Noisy Neighbors Get Noticed in Narragansett

In the sleepy seaside community of Narragansett, R. I., noisy neighbors get a 10-by-14-inch orange sticker slapped on the front door of their homes. Now some landlords are raising the volume of their complaints about the ordinance that permits the stickers to be posted, arguing they lower real estate values and the rents... Continue Reading »

Renters: Use Neighbors to Save Money

Marla Mathless had been a renter in her downtown Manhattan building for seven years before she formally met her neighbor. "He came over and asked if I'd split my cable costs with him," she says. "He said he couldn't afford it anymore and wanted to just drill a small hole in the wall to run the cable into both apartments.... Continue Reading »

Will Smith Rents $55,000 Per Month NYC Condo

While in town filming Men in Black III, Will Smith, with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and kids, is renting a 7,326-square-foot, fourth-floor condo in New York (pictured below) that had been listed for sale by Sotheby's International at $19.5 million for nearly two years, according to the New York Post. The five-bedroom,... Continue Reading »

Home Buying: Burned Mortgage Borrowers Want to Rent

Burned mortgage borrowers will more likely rent rather than buy another home, says the most recent nationwide survey released by Fannie Mae. Fewer Americans think the market has bottomed out and the idea of homeownership as a safe investment continues to drop. Just 68 percent of Americans think it's a good time to buy a... Continue Reading »

Dealing With Mold in a Rental Apartment

Mold and Other Rental Nightmares Two months after Kim Johnson moved into her new rental apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, she started to have trouble breathing. She took herself to an allergist and discovered she was highly allergic to mold. Suspicious, Johnson started examining her apartment and discovered black mold on... Continue Reading »

Renters Insurance: What It Does and Doesn't Do

Most people do not sit around waiting for the worst to happen. However, with a nearly 10 percent unemployment rate, it takes only a bit of common sense to assume that increased criminal activity in the U.S. might soon follow. "When I bought a home I was required by the banks -- who have a vested interest in the property... Continue Reading »

Halloween Rental in Witchy Salem, Mass.

From eerie ghost tours to parades to haunted houses, spooky happenings take place every October in Salem, Mass., the site of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. It's a place where tourists flock to bed and breakfasts or rent homes (such as the one pictured left) to relive bewitching history as they celebrate Halloween. This... Continue Reading »

Homeownership Declines in Popularity as Safe Investment

@font-face { font-family: "Cambria"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 10pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; }The mood of homeowners has not improved much since the beginning of the year. In fact, it's gotten a little darker. Respondents to a new... Continue Reading »

Housing Prices Show a Modest Increase

National housing prices showed modest increases in 17 cities tracked by The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller 20-city home price index, according to its Tuesday news release. A look at the top 20 markets shows that home prices in Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis rose by 2.5 percent in June, just ahead of the 1 percent... Continue Reading »

Google Invests in Low-Income Housing

Google may know where you live, but if you're in the market for low-income housing, they also might hold the keys. The all-seeing search behemoth is revving up its philanthropic efforts to create an $86-million Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) fund. The fund will subsidize the construction and operation of 480... Continue Reading »

Six Ways to Make Sure You Get Back Your Security Deposit

"I was told by the previous tenant before I moved in that my landlord never gave back the security deposit, so I should just plan for that," says Bea Lowey of Medford, Mass. "But I really didn't want to lose all of that money for no reason." Surprisingly, more people than you would think are willing to forgo the security... Continue Reading »


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