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7 Instances When Renter's Insurance Can Really Save You

By Allison Kade As many Northeasterners learned from Hurricane Sandy, a natural disaster can strip you of your worldly belongings without warning. Similar lessons have recently resounded all around the country, from wildfires in Colorado to major blizzards in the Midwest. And many renters are unprepared. Generally... Continue Reading »

Only a Third of Renters Have Insurance, Survey Shows

By Elisabeth Leamy Most responsible people wouldn't think of driving a car without car insurance, but many of those same people rent a home without renters insurance. A new survey commissioned by found that only 34 percent of American renters have renters insurance. Granted, the survey was conducted by... Continue Reading »

Black Ice: Are You Responsible for Keeping It Off Your Property?

Black ice is a scary sounding term, and for good reason: It leads to car accidents, injuries, and a fear of walking outside in the winter. But are you responsible to clear this invisible menace if it's on your property? If someone gets injured slipping in front of your house or on your property, the short answer is: You... Continue Reading »

Can Renters Get Insurance Protection Against Natural Disasters?

How do renters protect themselves from natural disasters? Joyce Jones was living in New Orleans in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit. She evacuated before the levees broke, but her rental apartment was all but in shambles when she returned to it three weeks later. "I didn't have any coverage so I just lost everything," she... Continue Reading »

Can Renters Buy Their Own Appliances?

Renters, have you ever lived in a rental with the kind of refrigerator that could only fit a pint of milk and an apple? Ever dreamed of a top-load washing machine that didn't shred your favorite T-shirts? Ever wish you had a dryer that actually dried your towels in the first cycle rather than the fourth? Sometimes being a... Continue Reading »

Home Insurance for the New Year

When was the last time you took a good look at your home insurance policy? Insurance is one of those things that's easy for homeowners to ignore. Once you sign up for a policy, chances are you write the check for the annual renewal without giving a lot of thought to whether your needs (or your insurer's terms of coverage)... Continue Reading »

Renters Insurance: What It Does and Doesn't Do

Most people do not sit around waiting for the worst to happen. However, with a nearly 10 percent unemployment rate, it takes only a bit of common sense to assume that increased criminal activity in the U.S. might soon follow. "When I bought a home I was required by the banks -- who have a vested interest in the property... Continue Reading »

Ricki Lake's Rental Home Burns to the Ground

How much will it cost to replace my belongings lost in a fire? That's what might have crossed Ricki Lake's mind right after "Thank God, we're alive." The Malibu rental home of the actress and former talk show host burned to a crisp this weekend after she was attempting to refuel a portable heater and accidentally set the... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Burned by Renters Insurance

Dear Apartment Guru, Recently there was a fire in my living room. I had a house-sitter at the time and it looks like she was in the room with a candle burning. Because she was there, she was able to put the fire out using the two extinguishers my landlord had given me. However, my television and stereos were both... Continue Reading »

Renters Insurance: Why You Need It

When Stephen Slaybaugh returned to his two-bedroom apartment in Columbus, Ohio one evening after work, something was not right. "At first I thought my girlfriend had just left a bunch of things strewn about," he says. "Then as I walked through the apartment, there was stuff she obviously wouldn't have left out. Then I... Continue Reading »

First Apartment Rental Tips

Your parents warn that you'll never get your security deposit back. Your friends say that you will; don't worry about it. Your boss advises that you and your soon-to-be roommates should all ink the rental paperwork, but your friends say it's cool if you sign alone. There's a lot of conflicting advice and untruths floating... Continue Reading »

Renters Insurance: Should You Buy It?

Feeling like there's more month than your paycheck covers? You might need to consider some frugal lifestyle changes. But should you ax your renters insurance policy? Are the savings of $20-$40 a month worth it? Anyone who has suffered losses from fire, flood or theft in their apartment will say "no way" to dropping it.... Continue Reading »

The 411 on Frozen Pipes

File "frozen pipes" under the "hassles that can make a giant mess in your apartment" category. What's a renter to do when Old Man Winter decides to wreak havoc on the pipes? Student renters at the University of Connecticut recently got an introduction when their pipes froze and flooded their apartments. Damage included... Continue Reading »

California Rental Sliding Into Ocean

A group of California apartment-dwellers have gotten a bit more than they bargained for with their ocean-view abodes. The residents of 330 Esplande Avenue in Pacifica, Calif., were evacuated on Thursday amidst fears that their cliff-side building is about to slide into the Pacific. The building's dramatic perch has been... Continue Reading »

How Renters Can Protect Against Crime

Unfortunately for renters, criminals often target large rental communities because of their size and the amount of people coming and going can absorb their presence. Putting sturdy locks on your doors to keep burglars out can be a problem because the landlord may not want renters to modify the property. Here's what... Continue Reading »

Why You Need Renter's Insurance

Getting renter's insurance may be the furthest thing from your mind when renting a home or apartment, but it's essential if you want to sleep soundly at night.Your landlord has insurance on the building, so you may think you don't need renter's insurance. But the landlord's policy doesn't cover your personal property, and... Continue Reading »

True Tale of Renter's Insurance Horror!

Not certain you can afford renter's insurance? Think again. I spoke with my friend Delilha (not her real name) about what happened to her when her apartment building caught fire a few years ago. Renter's insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind. When you hear her horrors, I'm sure you'll agree! Continue Reading »

What Does Renter's Insurance Cover?

What does renter's insurance cover? Renter's insurance typically covers general liability and liability coverage. We'll explore the difference in a moment. Check your policy for specific details. Update yearly! Continue Reading »

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