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How Much Do You Know About Renters' Rights?

Zillow By Carey Armstrong Whether you are a renter, or perhaps you have recently become a landlord, how much do you really know about your legal rights and responsibilities? The U.S. Census Bureau estimates there are more than 100 million people living in rental housing in America today, which is just less than... Continue Reading »

For Renters: 5 Essentials When Choosing a Neighborhood

Shutterstock By Niccole Schreck Affordability is at the top of most prospective renters' list of must-haves when searching for an apartment. A bargain may seem like the ultimate win, but an apartment that fits into your lifestyle is essential to avoid hidden costs. If your inexpensive apartment score is in the wrong... Continue Reading »

Real Estate 2014: The New Wisdom

Shutterstock By Beth Pinsker When the housing bubble burst, a damage-control mentality replaced decades of conventional real estate wisdom. With the housing market now rebounding, there is still uncertainty. The old rules -- such as getting a fixed-rate mortgage and refinancing when you can -- don't apply. But the... Continue Reading »

Why You'll Likely Pay More for Housing in 2014

Shutterstock By Vera Gibbons While we're just a few weeks into the New Year, you've likely seen headlines showcasing what will cost more this year. You'll have to dig even deeper into your pocket to pay for everything from food to stamps to college education, travel, healthcare and more. In fact, even your biggest... Continue Reading »

Rental Scams: How to Avoid Being a Victim

Shutterstock By AJ Smith For most of us, the largest chunk of our income goes to paying for a roof over our heads. Whether you are renting or buying, you want to make sure you aren't being taken advantage of. If you are a renter, there are some popular scams you need to watch out for. Situations to Avoid: Illegal... Continue Reading »

How to Avoid the Hassles of Having a Bad Roommate

Shutterstock By Geoff Williams A roommate can be a built-in best friend, a sounding board or just a fellow human being who shares the rent and household duties. Roommates are the best -– until they're the worst. Emad Rahim, a 35-year-old executive in DeWitt, N.Y., experienced that firsthand when he was attending... Continue Reading »

Renters Guide to Creating a Budget

Getty Images By Niccole Schreck Creating your first budget can be daunting, but it's extremely important when you're moving out on your own for the first time. If you bite off more than you can chew, you may not have enough money to buy yourself something to chew on. Here are step-by-step instructions to help you... Continue Reading »

When Shopping for the Best Rental, Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room

Shutterstock By Niccole Schreck The American dream of owning a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence is changing. About 54 percent of Americans believe that renting has become more appealing than homeownership, according to an April 2013 housing survey of 1,433 adults by Hart Research Associates. And a... Continue Reading »

10 Tips for Finding Your First Apartment

By My First Apartment When you're looking for an apartment for the first time, it can be overwhelming.The best way not to panic is to break the process down into 10 sequential steps. The timeline will mostly depend on how long it will take you to save the upfront cash you'll need, but after the money is in the bank, you... Continue Reading »

Apartment Rentals: Better to Live Upstairs or Downstairs?

Obviously the first thing most renters will do when looking for apartment rentals is seek out a suitable neighborhood. Location plainly matters when it comes to nesting. But how much weight should a renter put not only on where they live a city, but where they live in a building? "I moved into a spectacular walkup," says... Continue Reading »

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