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How Renting Out Your Home Can Help You Buy Another

ShutterstockUse projected rents for your property to show additional income. By Scott Sheldon One of the biggest obstacles homebuyers will face is being able to show enough income to offset their debts -- in addition to a proposed housing payment. If you don't show enough income to offset your debts according to the... Continue Reading »

Rental Property: How to Know Whether It's Worth the Hassle

Shutterstock By Leonard Baron If you bought a rental property during the pre-crash era, you may be feeling the lingering pain of the investment. Whether you're experiencing negative cash flow or the property is simply not as terrific as you'd first hoped, either in terms of quality or location, you're probably wondering... Continue Reading »

Renting Your Home on Airbnb: How to Reduce the Risk

Shutterstock By Adam Levin As the warm afterglow of your holiday spending spree morphs into the harsh reality of bloated credit card balances, daunting minimum payments, and depressed credit scores, and the pressure of Valentine's Day and April 15 creates a burning sensation in the pit of your stomach, you may well find... Continue Reading »

County Housing Code Pushing College Students Out of Shared Home

Five college students are wondering where they will live next after their landlords were denied a special-use permit allowing the young women to continue occupying a three-bedroom single-family home in northern Georgia. Less than two weeks after moving into the house, neighbors complained that the students were violating... Continue Reading »

Best Deal on a House? It Could Be the One You're Renting

By Scott Sheldon If you have never owned a home before, or owned a home in the past, or previous circumstances require you to rent a home now, and you're hoping to buy a house again, there's one possibility you might not have considered: purchasing the home you're currently renting. That's right -- make a purchase offer... Continue Reading »

Does Your Home Have Income Property Potential?

As home values continue to decline and many Americans continue to battle unemployment, extracting additional income out of one's home has become one solid way to bridge the economic gap. Dawn Kawamoto of our sister site, DailyFinance, outlines some smart ways to make your house make money for you. The U.S. economy is... Continue Reading »

Rental Market Still Belongs to Renters

A headline-grabbing article last week suggests that after three years of flat growth, apartment rents are poised to spike and may jump 10 percent by 2012. The piece, from CNN Money, bases its prediction of double-digit rent increases on pent-up demand from twentysomethings who were forced to move in with their parents... Continue Reading »

Late Rent to Ding Credit Score As of 2012

Renting has long had some advantages over buying a home. One of the biggest may be that late rent payments don't ding your credit score like late mortgage payments do. But in 2012, that will change, as Lynnette Khalfani-Cox reports at our sister site, For years, renters who got behind on their housing... Continue Reading »

When Renting Is Better Than Buying

Renting has always had its advantages over buying, but then this past summer, interest rates fell to an all-time low. However, home sales remained dismal at best. According to an article published by the "Washington Post," the average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage tumbled to 4.69 percent, falling from an already low... Continue Reading »

Jessica Alba's Proposal: Rent Her Home

Actress Jessica Alba is trying to lease out her 3,035-square-foot Beverly Hills home for $8,950 a month. The three-bedroom multi-level home owned by the Dark Angel is being offered fully furnished, which means you better have a thing for Balinese-style living. Any takers for this thing of beauty? The rental, we mean.... Continue Reading »

What Comes After the Future of Housing?

In my previous article I outlined some of the now historical flaws in the housing finance system as discussed by certain panelists at the recent Future of Housing Finance Conference in Washington, specifically the misalignment of objectives within Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which led to their systemic failure. Now I'd... Continue Reading »

Relocated Homeowners Weigh Renting Out Current Home

A tough real estate market coupled with a tough job market means more people need to sell their homes at a price they may not want to take for a job that they need to take. This new reality complicates the sell-a-house/buy-a-new-house paradigm that has been the norm for relocated employees. Sellers are weighing their... Continue Reading »

Make Your House a Movie Star

According to Vince Graziano of location website, 85 percent of all film shoots happen on location. This doesn't take into account commercials, magazine shoots and others, which also need locations. So why not your home? With over 40 states offering incentives for local film production, it's not only... Continue Reading »

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