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Best Places to Retire Abroad in 2014

Shutterstock By Kathleen Peddicord If you could retire anywhere in the world, where would you go? As we find ourselves at the beginning of a brand new year, that's a question worth asking. The very good news is that we are living in a time when it's not only possible, but easier than ever to launch the retirement... Continue Reading »

The 10 Best Places To Retire On $75 A Day

Getty Images/AWL Images RMRestaurants on The Riverwalk San Antonio, Texas. By Emily Brandon You don't need a huge nest egg to retire well, especially if you're willing to move to a place with a low cost of living. Relocating to one of these places could help you to get by on a combination of Social Security and a small... Continue Reading »

Don't Count on Home Equity to Fund Retirement

Eric Risberg/AP By David Ning Many people are counting on the equity they have built in their home to help fund their retirement years. But folks who are living without quite enough saved for retirement should be realistic about what that equity can provide. Here are a few reasons to be cautious about relying on home... Continue Reading »

Open Houses of the Week: Golden Opportunities for Retirees

There's something about that "Open House" sign that acts like a magnet. Whether you're looking for a new place to live, keeping tabs on real estate in your neighborhood, or just angling for a sneak peek at someone else's private domain, the lure of an open door is strong indeed. This week we explore homes in some of the... Continue Reading »

Happy End of the Road for RVers: Assisted Living on Wheels

Pearl and Bud Crispell hit the road in their RV the day after they retired in 1976. And for decades, that's where they stayed, living in their 40-foot motor home and traversing the country at will. But, as is the eventual story of all road warriors, the day came when they hit the proverbial dead end. Unable to manage... Continue Reading »

Poll: Baby Boomers Willing But Unable to Move

WASHINGTON -- As baby boomers look ahead to retirement, they'd prefer a home that is affordable, accessible to medical care and close to family. But an Associated poll finds that amid a shaky economy, few think it's likely they'll move in retirement. Shelley Wernholm, a 47-year-old single mother... Continue Reading »

VIDEO: When Does It Make Sense to Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Paul, 62, is like a lot of people near retirement: He wants a safe place to invest his money. But the interest rates on savings accounts barely keep up with inflation. Would it make sense to pay off a mortgage instead? In this week's installment of "Money & Happiness" DailyFinance's Laura Rowley reports on the three... Continue Reading »

Will Senior Housing Sales Help Revive the Market?

The burst of the housing bubble may have stalled the growth of 55-and-older communities, but as the market revives we should expect to see a mini-housing bump as more baby boomers retire. In any given year, about 12 percent of 55-and-older households change homes, according to a study done by the MetLife Mature Market... Continue Reading »

Retirement Community Fees Expected to Skyrocket Due to IRS Dispute

The Internal Revenue Service wants to crack down on the billions of dollars in entrance fees held by retirement communities. In one case, Classic Residence by Hyatt, a for-profit community, might have to pay taxes on those entrance fees. In another, Mission Ridge, a not-for-profit community, might have to pay tax penalties... Continue Reading »

Home Equity Loan a Good Option for Cash-Strapped Retirees SPONSORSHIP

Home values sank, the stock market plummeted, 401K plans were depleted, and today many of the nearly 40 million Americans in retirement are discovering they may have not been financially prepared for a doomsday scenario. One remedy many Baby Boomers, with their record-high level of home ownership, may not have considered... Continue Reading »

Looks Like Rubbish, Feels Like Home

You wouldn't be faulted for thinking the Unicat home is a garbage truck. However, it is a high-end, off-road mobile home. Yes, you read that correctly: mobile home. Fasten your seat belt, too, because when you discover this breed of mobile home starts at $500,000 you might get whiplash. Have a look at the surprisingly... Continue Reading »

Aging Boomers: No Golf Please, Feed My Mind

How times have changed.... at least if retirement trends are the measure. When my parents' generation thought of retirement living, it was in Florida, probably on a golf course. If you lived in the Northeast, it was Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale or Miami. Midwesterners typically opted for Naples or Fort Myers. But Baby... Continue Reading »

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