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Rental Roommate Nightmares: No Privacy, Nerds, and Swedish Massages

Craigslist is a vast pool of roommate nightmare scenarios. If there's red flags in the roommate wanted ads, what do you think it will be like once you move in? Today we got Swedish massage fanatics, nerds, and a guy who will forbid you to have privacy. Read on to find out about all these and more.... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Houseboys, Voyeurs, and a Female Touch

Having trouble staying up at night? Well here are a few Craigslist ads that will keep you from sleeping. Today we've got a roommate who will watch you through the crack in your door, while others look for a houseboy and "arrangements" with females. Read on to find out about all this and much more.... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: INS, Freaks, Non-Fat Guy, and Resume Services

Imagine the horrors of having the worst roommate known to humanity. It's a goal that's easy enough to achieve. All you've got to do is look on Craigslist, and it's all laid out right in front of you. Today we have someone who might turn you into the INS, a non-fat guy, and a man who wants sex and to help you with your... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Cheap Nudes, Massages, and Hell

What do we have in store for you today from craigslist? Nude roommates who keep slashing their rental prices, a guy who simply wants a massage every now and then, and everyone's version of roommate hell. Read on for all this and more.... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Older Gentleman, Unlicensed Massages, and a Shouting Man

Ready to be freaked out by some creepy Craigslist roommate wanted ads? You've come to the right place. Today we got a creepy older gentleman, unlicensed massages, and a large shouting man. Read on to find out the full details on these and more.... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Drunk Stoners, Old Guy Wants a Lad, and Red Flags Galore!

Nothing can be worse than a nightmare roommate situation. Imagine your personal space invaded by pure creepiness. However, due to to the allure of cheap rent we are sometimes forced into roommate slavery. Today we have a drunk stoner, an old guy who wants a young lad, and perhaps one of our biggest red flag ads of all... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: No Disease, Potential Hidden Cameras, and Camping

Red flags! Red flags! Red flags! Yes, loads of Craigslist roommate wanted ads sprouting red flags of a potential roommate nightmare are just ahead. Today we got a guy who doesn't want a roommate who has diseases, potential hidden cameras in your room, and a gent who likes sex and camping. Read on to find out about all... Continue Reading »

Roommate Rental Nightmares: Marriage, Creepy Guy in Shorts, No Sex

In this edition of Roommate Rental Nightmares we ask the question: Why are human beings so darn creepy? Once again the roommate rental fishermen are putting the bait out there, claiming they have rooms for free and no sex would be required. Guess what? They want sex. Go figure. Read on to get our insights on these... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: New Level of Creeps, Erotic Sex Lessons, Bed Sharing and No Drama

The bar keeps getting raised on Roommate Rental Nightmares. Today we have a new level of creeps, erotic sex lessons for boys and girls, more beds to share with strange men, and a guy who wants you to be the house's new mommy. All this and more by simply reading on... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Asexual Cuddler, A Private Secret, and a Naked Couple

Trying to find the right roommate on Craigslist is hard enough. Imagine answering an ad where the red flags are all right in front of you? That's what we track down with each Roommate Rental Nightmares. Today we got an asexual cuddler (that's all he wants), a private secret that you will keep with your new roommate, and... Continue Reading »

Roommate Rental Nightmares: Stoner/Drinker, Slave Cuckold, and Free Rent With 'No Catch'

Ready for more roommate nightmares that only Craigslist can give you? Scenarios so twisted we couldn't even dream them up. Today we have a stoner/drinker/sexpot who will let you live in a room that feels like a boat, a wonderful slave cuckold situation, and two men who most likely will look through your stuff when you're... Continue Reading »

Roommate Rental Nightmares: Sex With Attitude, an Entrepreneur and a Well-Hung, Goateed Fun-Lover

Why is the world so creepy? Why do we have to endure an endless sea of creepy people on Craigslist looking to have you as their potential roommate? What do we get today in our search for a room? Sex with rich men, well hung roommates with a goatee, and an eccentric millionaire who will spoil you. Click on to read about... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Tiny Studio, Shower Peeking and Cuddle Partners

Help! There's more crazy potential roommates out there on Craigslist -- and they're waiting for you to move in. What's on the plate? A small studio apartment only big enough to fit one bed; a guy who wants to see you nude in the shower; a couple who want to cuddle with you and more. Read on my friends, read on ... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Open-Minded Couples, Annoying Parole Officers and More

Why can't finding a roommate be easy? Do there have to be so many weirdos out there trying to rent rooms? Today we have some great Craigslist Rental Roommate Nightmares, featuring, open-minded couples, annoying parole officers, stumbling drunks and more. Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Dodgy Brits, Salesmen, and One Cute Tokyo Girl

Okay, more nightmares on the plate in the form of Craigslist roommate-wanted ads. Today: How they do it in London when it comes to the sleazy roommate department; a man offering a "cool girl" a chance; and an adorable roomie in Tokyo. All this and more on the next page.... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Animal Trade, Assault Weapons and Non-Creepy Nudist

What is on the Rental Roommate Nightmare plate for today? What big red flags will wave in your face via a Craigslist roommate-wanted ad? Well, sit back and prepare yourself. We've got rent trade that involves sex and possibly animals, a guy with assault weapons, and of course a non-creepy nudist. Read on to find out... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Man in Speedo, Nude Home Worker, and Free Rent With No Catch

You've got to love the roommate wanted ads on Craigslist. Especially the ones where the big red flags wave boldly on the roommate horizon. Sometimes you can smell trouble lying directly down the road. Such is the case with today's ads. We have roommate rental nightmares involving a new roommate in a Speedo, a nudist who... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Sex Swings, Bed Sharing, and a Dominatrix

In today's batch of Rental Roommate Nightmares we've got some great scenarios. Like the guy who wants you to sleep naked in his bed -- but don't get too comfortable, you'll have to sleep on the futon when his girlfriend comes over. We also found a room in the quiet house that only gets noisy when the occupant is using... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Internet Modeling, Fun Christians and House Rules

You can't make up the ads found on Craigslist. Perusing the roommate-wanted ads always confirms that crazy people are out there, lurking in the shadows -- and looking for roommates. In this edition we have: potential roommates who will make you a nude Internet sensation; Christians with a lot of rules but who like to... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Canadian Edition!

This edition of Rental Roommate Nightmares takes us to a little country to the north called "Canada." Yes, those lovable back-bacon-eating, toque-wearing Canucks also have completely crazy potential-roommate nightmares. So what do our friends in the great white north have to offer? Zombie-hunters, phone-sex operators who... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Searching for Houseboys, Christian 'Mail' and 18-Year-Old Girls

Craigslist proves that pure insanity walks among us and he is looking for a roommate to share the experience. Yes, there is plenty of nutty people out there to share a roof with and do half of the cleaning. Today we bring you potential roommates who want you to be their houseboy and work in your underwear, Christian... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Seeking a Nude Web Star, Well-Hung Look-a-Like, and Feet, Feet, Feet!

God there are sick people out there. And it seems like most of them need roommates. Today we found pure roommate nightmares on Craigslist. What we have in store is: cheap rent in exchange for being nude on the Internet; a well-hung man looking for a well-hung roommate who looks exactly like him; and of course a man with... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Sex for Rent, Slutty Girl Cravings and One Night Only

Ready for some more crazy roommate-wanted ads from Craigslist? Quicker than you can say "rental agreement," we have in store for you: someone who just wants to hang out short-term with a cool guy in a hotel room; a woman who will exchange sex for a place for her and her boyfriend to stay; and one charming fellow who... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Mystery Job, $8 Naps and a Nude Girlfriend

Oh what nightmares we have in store: A roommate situation that not only could turn into a job but a career, an $8 place to nap, and a guy with a nude girlfriend. All of this can be found on Craigslist, along with maybe your worst roommate ever. Read on to find out the full skinny... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Free Rooms Ain't Free, a Guy off His Meds and More

More Rental Roommate Nightmares coming your way via our friends at Craigslist. Today we have we have potential roommates who warn you not to take free rooms then turn around and offer you a free room; a man who will exchange rent for running "errands"; and a woman who just wants you for sex. Just another day on Craigslist. Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Spooning, Underwear Parties, Nudists and More

Ready for some more rental roommate nightmare scenarios as found on Craigslist? It just gets creepier and creepier. Why can't we all just be able to afford our own apartments and not put up with potential crazed roommates in shared-living situations. Today we've got a laid-back bachelor who wants to hang out with you in... Continue Reading »

Craigslist Roommate Nightmares: Spliffs, Nudity and Doorless Rooms

Time for more nightmare roommate scenarios from San Francisco. In this edition we found several potential-nightmare situations found in ads on Craigslist. Take your pick. Do you want to rent the room without a door where the guy wants to use you for eye-candy? How about the psychedelic explorers who smoke pot all day? Then... Continue Reading »

Craigslist Roommate Scam, Definite Nightmare

Do you believe in doppelgangers? Say, in different cities there's another version of you that's a complete, exact replica. And that person would be living a parallel life to yours -- even when it comes to searching for a roommate? Well, in this Craigslist Roommate Nightmares, we found an uncanny similarity between... Continue Reading »

Craigslist Roommate Nightmares: Los Angeles Edition

Welcome back to Craigslist Roommate Nightmares. We have a fine crop of potentially horrific roommate scenarios -- all found on Craigslist. Today we've got a pair of free rooms offered in exchange strictly for "company." There's a fine place were they forbid any illegal activity within the premises, and of course the guy... Continue Reading »

Craigslist Roommate Nightmares: San Francisco Edition

Today we've got free rent if you share a master bedroom with a s/w/m, a trailer available if you do chores for a NASCAR-loving couple, and the joys of a wonderful commune called ZAMI (that is if you past the interrogation first). Come on and climb abroad for more classic Craigslist roommate nightmare scenarios. Continue Reading »

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