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Realities of Living With a Roommate

dreamsjung/Flickr By AJ Smith Housing is a huge financial and personal decision at any age. Most people imagine graduating from college and moving into our own space. But with a struggling economy accompanying a higher cost of living in many major cities, that's not always possible. More and more people are moving back... Continue Reading »

How to Avoid the Hassles of Having a Bad Roommate

Shutterstock By Geoff Williams A roommate can be a built-in best friend, a sounding board or just a fellow human being who shares the rent and household duties. Roommates are the best -– until they're the worst. Emad Rahim, a 35-year-old executive in DeWitt, N.Y., experienced that firsthand when he was attending... Continue Reading »

Nightmare Roommate Stories: 'Our Table Was Her Wasteland'

Devon Fleming said that she thought she had found the perfect roommate. The woman seemed smart, was easy to spend time with, and the two shared many mutual friends. It was an almost serendipitous situation: The roommate had just broken up with her boyfriend and Fleming had an extra room in her apartment in Manhattan's... Continue Reading »

Gary Malin: How to Make Living With a Roommate a Successful Experience

Editor's Note: Gary Malin (pictured at left) is the president of Citi Habitats, one of New York City's largest and most successful residential real estate brokerages. He is also a licensed attorney and a member of the Real Estate Board of New York. Sharing an apartment is a necessity for many people, especially those... Continue Reading »

'Homesharing' Trend Picks Up Steam

Leave it to the Baby Boomer generation to transform an old idea into a new trend. In this case, taking in a roommate to help make ends meet. Deerfield, Ill., Patch tells us about the rise in "homesharing," particularly in affluent communities, and talks to a self-described "professional matchmaker" who connects homeowners... Continue Reading »

Roommates: The 'Laverne and Shirley' Way

Maybe Laverne and Shirley had it right. The fictional roommates from the hit 1970s sitcom played by Penny Marshall, right, and Cindy Williams had fights, but they also had plenty of fun. Last week, featured a personal essay by Brooklyn writer, florist and stylist, Amy Merrick. In the article Merrick claimed... Continue Reading »

The Renter's Guide to Holiday Safety

The holiday season can be one of the happiest of the year, but holiday safety is paramount. The U.S. Fire Administration and FEMA warn that the most home fires and fire-related injuries are reported during the holidays. Crime also has a way of going up during the holiday season: Perhaps the idea of the big man in red... Continue Reading »

How to Make Renting Off-Campus Pay

College students return to campus this week. Many of them argue -- and some even convince their parents and student loan officers -- that living off-campus is cheaper than living in the college dorms. Seems plausible. According to the College Board, students attending a four-year, in-state public institution spend an... Continue Reading »

Renters: Get Your Security Deposit Back

Amanda Flores didn't anticipate any problems getting her rental security deposit back. After all, she paid her portion of the deposit up front to her roommate. In Amanda's view the apartment was nearly perfect, now that she'd cleaned it out and loaded the moving van. There was just one problem: damage to the kitchen... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Living With Cassanova

Dear Apartment Guru, I moved into an apartment recently that came with a roommate. I am a woman in my twenties. He is a man in his thirties. At first it seemed like a good match. We have similar musical tastes, both like to watch dumb reality TV and are happy to share the household grocery bills.... Continue Reading »

Obama's NYC Apartment: Cheap Enough for a College Kid

For just $1,900 a month you can live in the New York City one-bedroom apartment that President Obama and his then-roommate, Phil Boerner, squeezed into during their junior year at Columbia University. The pad, located in the Morningside Heights neighborhood, presumably rented for a lot less in the 1980s, and perhaps... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Paying for Groceries Not Rent

Hi Apartment Guru, My friend of many years invited me to stay with her in her one-bedroom apartment for the summer (four months). I didn't ask to share her apartment, she offered. I came down for the summer holidays to work and save money for school -- so I work one full-time job and one part-time job. Although I saved... Continue Reading »

Renting 101: How to Find an NYC Apartment

Vicki Salemi is a writer and former HR manager who landed a big-city job and moved from the New Jersey suburbs to New York City when she was 30. She dishes on how to successfully make the career and lifestyle leap in her new book "Big Career in the Big City: Land a Job and Get a Life in New York" (Jist Works). She gives... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Animal Trade, Assault Weapons and Non-Creepy Nudist

What is on the Rental Roommate Nightmare plate for today? What big red flags will wave in your face via a Craigslist roommate-wanted ad? Well, sit back and prepare yourself. We've got rent trade that involves sex and possibly animals, a guy with assault weapons, and of course a non-creepy nudist. Read on to find out... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Leaseless in Nevada

Dear Apartment Guru, I live in Henderson, NV. My roommate and I acquired an apartment together -- however, my name is not on the lease. I have paid my half of rent to cover me through May and I believe my roommate may be asking me to leave before the end of the month. By law, how long do I have to vacate the premises as... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Sex Swings, Bed Sharing, and a Dominatrix

In today's batch of Rental Roommate Nightmares we've got some great scenarios. Like the guy who wants you to sleep naked in his bed -- but don't get too comfortable, you'll have to sleep on the futon when his girlfriend comes over. We also found a room in the quiet house that only gets noisy when the occupant is using... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Internet Modeling, Fun Christians and House Rules

You can't make up the ads found on Craigslist. Perusing the roommate-wanted ads always confirms that crazy people are out there, lurking in the shadows -- and looking for roommates. In this edition we have: potential roommates who will make you a nude Internet sensation; Christians with a lot of rules but who like to... Continue Reading »

Design Compatibility Key to Good Apartment Share

Looking for just the right roommate – or at least one you can live with – is hard work and time-consuming. The reasons renters might want a roommate can be financial or emotional, but especially in expensive and space-deprived cities, often practical. Finding someone who matches you in lifestyle, values, and... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Getting Rid of the Roommate From Hell

Dear Apartment Guru, There are three of us sharing an apartment. One of my roommates is just awesome. She is respectful, doesn't eat other people's food without asking, smokes outside the house, keeps the TV and stereo at audible but polite levels, knows how to use dish soap and a vacuum, and if her boyfriend stays over... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Canadian Edition!

This edition of Rental Roommate Nightmares takes us to a little country to the north called "Canada." Yes, those lovable back-bacon-eating, toque-wearing Canucks also have completely crazy potential-roommate nightmares. So what do our friends in the great white north have to offer? Zombie-hunters, phone-sex operators who... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Searching for Houseboys, Christian 'Mail' and 18-Year-Old Girls

Craigslist proves that pure insanity walks among us and he is looking for a roommate to share the experience. Yes, there is plenty of nutty people out there to share a roof with and do half of the cleaning. Today we bring you potential roommates who want you to be their houseboy and work in your underwear, Christian... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Seeking a Nude Web Star, Well-Hung Look-a-Like, and Feet, Feet, Feet!

God there are sick people out there. And it seems like most of them need roommates. Today we found pure roommate nightmares on Craigslist. What we have in store is: cheap rent in exchange for being nude on the Internet; a well-hung man looking for a well-hung roommate who looks exactly like him; and of course a man with... Continue Reading »

Renters Insurance: Should You Buy It?

Feeling like there's more month than your paycheck covers? You might need to consider some frugal lifestyle changes. But should you ax your renters insurance policy? Are the savings of $20-$40 a month worth it? Anyone who has suffered losses from fire, flood or theft in their apartment will say "no way" to dropping it.... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Sex for Rent, Slutty Girl Cravings and One Night Only

Ready for some more crazy roommate-wanted ads from Craigslist? Quicker than you can say "rental agreement," we have in store for you: someone who just wants to hang out short-term with a cool guy in a hotel room; a woman who will exchange sex for a place for her and her boyfriend to stay; and one charming fellow who... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Mystery Job, $8 Naps and a Nude Girlfriend

Oh what nightmares we have in store: A roommate situation that not only could turn into a job but a career, an $8 place to nap, and a guy with a nude girlfriend. All of this can be found on Craigslist, along with maybe your worst roommate ever. Read on to find out the full skinny... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Cuddle Parties, Haunted Rooms and Alcoholics

Nightmares! Nightmares! Nightmares! Yes, nothing but a huge sea of red flags with this batch of Rental Roommate Nightmares from Craigslist. What's in store? A retired man who wants to room with a lesbian for cuddle parties; a household that will turn your room into a sex area at their parties; satanists, and my ultimate... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: MMA Fighters, $0 Rooms, and Your New Husband

We have some real great Rental Rental Nightmares today. Take your pick. Do you want the MMA fighter who likes hot chicks and hot chicks who give oral sex, the foreign man who will give you free rent if you marry him, or the guy who hates you even before he's even met you. Read on to find out the full scoop on true Rental... Continue Reading »

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Spooning, Underwear Parties, Nudists and More

Ready for some more rental roommate nightmare scenarios as found on Craigslist? It just gets creepier and creepier. Why can't we all just be able to afford our own apartments and not put up with potential crazed roommates in shared-living situations. Today we've got a laid-back bachelor who wants to hang out with you in... Continue Reading »

Craigslist Roommate Nightmares: Los Angeles Edition

Welcome back to Craigslist Roommate Nightmares. We have a fine crop of potentially horrific roommate scenarios -- all found on Craigslist. Today we've got a pair of free rooms offered in exchange strictly for "company." There's a fine place were they forbid any illegal activity within the premises, and of course the guy... Continue Reading »

What's Hot on RentedSpaces This Week

From the weird (edible candles), to the wild (wacko Craigslist posts), to the wonderful (a smart money-saving web site), see what was cookin' on RentedSpaces this week. The most popular posts: 1. Live at Walmart, Not Sprawl-Mart Laugh if you will at the seeming absurdity of a Walmart being built on top of a Lowe's, but... Continue Reading »


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