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Interior Design Lessons From the Frugal House

In today's economy, saving a buck has never been more wise or more socially-accepted. A group of interior design students in California are now hoping this frugal trend will also help them raise money for charity. The second annual "Frugal House" in Chico was on display over the weekend. Chico State and Butte College... Continue Reading »

DIY Energy Audits Save Money

Energy efficiency is most certainly a buzz phrase these days. And homeowners and renters alike are starting to think about (and practice) ways to conserve, as much for the environment as for relief to their own pocketbooks. But hiring your own energy auditor is expensive. A few common sense measures could reap huge... Continue Reading »

Convertible Furniture That Grows With Your Child

Raising kids is expensive -- not exactly a surprising or shocking statement. And furniture to go along with your child's growth – cribs to dressing tables to desks – can represent a hefty part of that expense. According to recent data from the United States Department of Agriculture, a family making about... Continue Reading »

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