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6 Home Energy-Saving Tips Many Homeowners Don't Think Of

By Steve McLinden You've heard the usual energy-saving advice: Buy only Energy Star-rated appliances, replace incandescent lightbulbs with those curly fluorescents, shop for cheaper electric providers (if you can in your town). But numerous low-cost, energy-saving strategies escape homeowners' attention. Energy experts... Continue Reading »

Thanksgiving Energy-Saving Tips: How to Use Less When You're Doing a Lot

By Courtney Craig Wasting energy on Thanksgiving? Don't be a turkey. Follow these tips to make sure you're not using more energy than you need. A Couple of Days Before Thanksgiving 1. Install a dimmer switch for the dining room chandelier. Every time you dim a bulb's brightness by 10 percent, you'll double the bulb's... Continue Reading »

Earth Day Tips: How to Green Your Home Today

It's Earth Day and after 40 years of recognizing our lovely planet's needs, there's still plenty of saving to do. The good news is that some of those earth-improving tasks can happen right in your home. The trend of "going green" and living sustainably has resulted in major chain stores from Home Depot and Wal-Mart... Continue Reading »

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