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Don't Count on Home Equity to Fund Retirement

Eric Risberg/AP By David Ning Many people are counting on the equity they have built in their home to help fund their retirement years. But folks who are living without quite enough saved for retirement should be realistic about what that equity can provide. Here are a few reasons to be cautious about relying on home... Continue Reading »

The Changing American Dream: Focused on Being Debt-Free

Getty Images/Blend Images Each generation develops a reputation and parenting style that shapes the financial habits of the next generation, and many are wondering what traits millennial parents will pass along to their children. "Depression-era parents taught, 'a penny saved is a penny earned,' " says Robert Wendover,... Continue Reading »

Home Renovation: Tips for Thrifty Upgrades

Gone are the days when home improvements were "a dollar in, a dollar (or more!) out." Still, it's an excellent time to undertake home renovation projects. Contractors, tradesmen, and other skilled craftspeople are eager for work. Their empty schedules may mean better rates for you than in years past. And scaling a... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Tours, Big Discounts Sell Homes in the Midwest

In vacation home meccas such as California, Florida and Las Vegas -- where foreclosure numbers soared during the housing meltdown -- real estate agents have been employing a new sales tactic: foreclosure bus tours. Next stop? Cincinnati. According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, the trend -- in which Realtors organize... Continue Reading »

Laundry Detergent: DIY and Save Money

Whether you share a common laundry room or are lucky enough to have laundry facilities in your rental, everyone faces a similar challenge: How to save on the suds. (And no, not just the drinking kind.) Depending on the amount and the frequency with which you do the laundry, a year's worth of detergent can cost you $75 or... Continue Reading »

Save on Your Commute with Pre-Tax Dollars

Renter life hack, priority number one: eliminate or reduce your time and cost commuting to your job. You already know that there are costs involved with either a car or public transit commute. Most people assume the only way to reduce this is through ridesharing or carpooling. Great start, but also consider an even... Continue Reading »

Read E-Books for Free

We recently told you how to save a few bucks and precious shelf space by getting on board with the e-book craze. Despite the potential long-term savings, many consumers are still daunted by investing in both an electronic reader and a virtual library full of books. But what if you could strip your investment down to only... Continue Reading »

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