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  • Apartment Guru: Building Manager Lets Himself In, Watches TV

    Apartment Guru: Building Manager Lets Himself In, Watches TV

    Dear Apartment Guru, I think my building manager comes into my apartment when I'm not at home. He doesn't do much, but my theory is that he watches my TV and eats my cereal and other food that he thinks I won't notice. I started suspecting when my downstairs neighbor was home sick one day and heard someone in... Continue Reading

  • Home Improvement: Top Projects Under $1,000

    Home Improvement: Top Projects Under $1,000

    Shutterstock / irin-k It's hard enough to save $1,000 for your home improvement budget. Trying to decide on the best way to spend the money can be overwhelming when you run into project-after-project that's just a little too expensive. It's easy to become so discouraged that you abandon the idea. And that's... Continue Reading

  • Apartment Security for Renters

    Apartment Security for Renters

    Sarah Wynn thought she was safe. The 27-year-old lived in a rental apartment in a bustling, low-crime section of Chicago. She was careful to keep her doors locked at night and her eyes open for suspicious activity in the neighborhood. It wasn't enough. After leaving for work one morning, a thief walked right... Continue Reading

  • Low-Cost Home Security Solutions

    Low-Cost Home Security Solutions

    Shutterstock Thanks to her stint in the military, Mary F. was used to moving around. However, after settling down in Texas and enduring the unpleasant experience of having her home robbed, she decided that feeling like a sitting target was something she didn't want to get used to. "I knew I had to do... Continue Reading

  • Shred, Baby, Shred. And for Free!

    Shred, Baby, Shred. And for Free!

    You've filed your taxes, now shred the evidence--for FREE! Yes, you should keep tax-related documents locked away for a few years in case the IRS comes calling with questions, but for those keeping multiple drafts of their tax forms and any other sensitive paper documents, the Better Business Bureau is here to... Continue Reading

  • Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

    Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

    This holiday season may not be so merry for those affected by the recession. So authorities are warning homeowners to tighten up security around the house when heading out for shopping trips and extended holiday visits. Homes can be sitting ducks just waiting to be robbed around the holiday season. Here are some... Continue Reading

  • Virtual Doormen Safer Than the Real Deal

    Virtual Doormen Safer Than the Real Deal

    It might have less cache, but not having a traditional doorman could actually mean your apartment building's more secure. According to The New York Times, a new virtual-doorman service is gaining popularity in luxury New Jersey apartment buildings and might have you second-guessing the need for the old-school... Continue Reading

  • Update: Lohan

    Update: Lohan "Bling Ring" Robbery

    We reported earlier about the so-called "Bling Ring" of young thieves that stole jewelry and clothing from Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and others. It's been released that the "Bling Ring" used the Internet to find the location of the stars' homes. They also used online tools to map out comings and goings of... Continue Reading