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Losing Money on a Timeshare?

By Stephanie Auwerter Q: I bought a timeshare in 2004 for $27,500 and sold it for $7,500 in 2013. Will I be allowed to take a capital loss? -- Gary P., Ohio A: Sorry. As is the case with a home, car, or boat, timeshares are nearly always treated by the IRS as a personal asset, says Gil Charney, tax research analyst at... Continue Reading »

How to Buy and Sell a Home at the Same Time

By Brendan Desimone Now that the real estate market is picking up again, many people are looking to sell their homes at last. But when you sell, you have to move somewhere -- which usually means buying another home. Buying and selling at the same time brings up a whole new set of challenges, but those who plan well in... Continue Reading »

10 Most Popular Home Improvements That Buyers Will Pay More For

If you've tried to sell a home in the last few years, you know how hard it can be to get the price you're asking for. Even now as the housing market heats up and bidding wars are breaking out in parts of the country, it's still an uphill battle selling for the right price. But if your home has the right features, that can... Continue Reading »

Selling Your Home Remotely

By Brendon DeSimone In recent years, many homeowners couldn't sell their homes because they couldn't get the price they needed. Many were fortunate enough to stay in their homes, but others moved because of job transfers or other life changes. Many ended up renting out their homes rather than taking a big hit when selling... Continue Reading »

How to Sell a Green Home: Lose the Environmental Speech

By Jim Simcoe Speed is a key component of any successful real estate deal. Sell (or rent) a property faster at the price you want, and you have less holding costs and more money available to do your next deal. The speed at which you sell your real estate investment is a crucial component and is closely tied to your... Continue Reading »

Tight Housing Inventory Slowing Down Business? Try Cold Calling

When housing inventory is as tight as it is -- it hit a 13-year low in January -- it gets pretty tough for buyers to even find homes for sale. And if you're a Realtor, that means slow business for you. There are very few buyers or sellers to represent. So what's a gal to do? Well, like any good salesperson looking... Continue Reading »

Why Your Home Needs Central Air and a Walk-In Closet

By Jeff Brown When you find your dream home, things just click. The closets may be a bit too small, the A/C may come from window units instead of a central system, and maybe there's no full-time guest room. ... But the place just has that magic. Still, it pays to think about those shortcomings, which could make it harder... Continue Reading »

Don't Overpay for Home Features You Love but Others Might Not

By Brendon DeSimone When a real estate agent sits down with sellers to discuss the value of their home, the conversation inevitably turns to the home's features -- a spectacular view, a cool garage workspace or perhaps a one-of-a-kind garden. While those features might be selling points, the truth is potential buyers may... Continue Reading »

What Makes the Perfect Listing?

We've already told you that first impressions are everything when it comes to listings. Keep your place neutral (put those family photos away!) so that it will appeal to everyone who walks through, yada,yada,yada. But even that isn't always enough. So what makes for the perfect listing? You'll never guess what... Continue Reading »

5 Best Cities to Sell a Home Right Now

Is it a seller's market? Got to these five cities, and it's pretty clear: It sure is. In these markets, home prices are on a steady track upward, inventory is falling, and that's making it tough for buyers to win bidding wars. Hey, that's great for sellers. They can get higher bids on their homes, and with fewer houses on... Continue Reading »

Home Won't Sell? Offer a Pizza With the Purchase

If you don't want your home to languish on the market, you've got to get creative. Though the average time that a home sits on the market is getting shorter, it really depends on where you're looking. In some markets, it can still take six months or more to sell. So what do you do to draw more attention to your home... Continue Reading »

Best Day to List Your Home for Sale? Friday

TGIF, indeed! Friday isn't just the day to kick off the weekend -- it's also the best day to list your home for sale, The Wall Street Journal has reported. Last year, sellers who listed their homes for sale on a Friday bagged 99.1 percent of their original asking price, on average. That's the best return of any day of the... Continue Reading »

Home Selling Advice: What You Should Know About Today's Homebuyers

By Brendon DeSimone Many parts of the country are seeing an uptick in real estate activity. We've been hearing for months now that buyers have returned; that it has become cheaper to own than to rent in many markets; and that sellers are realizing their once unsaleable homes may have a market. If you're a seller, it's... Continue Reading »

November Pending Home Sales Highest in 2.5 Years

A measure of Americans who signed contracts to buy homes increased last month to its highest level in two and a half years, the latest sign of improvement in the once-battered housing market. The National Association of Realtors said Friday that its seasonally adjusted pending home sales index rose 1.7 percent in November... Continue Reading »

Sealing the Deal: Creative Ways to Clinch a Real Estate Sale

By Brendon Desimone Real estate buyers and sellers often come close to making a deal -- but something stands in their way. Multiple offers and counters fly back and forth over the course of several weeks. Maybe the buyer and seller are just a few thousand dollars apart on price. There could be one sticking point that... Continue Reading »

6 Tips for Selling Your Home This Fall

By Jerry Kronenberg Fall is second only to spring as the busiest time of the year for home sales -- and Idaho Realtor Gail Hartnett sees this autumn as an especially good time to have your property on the market. "Inventory is low, so if you have your house on the market, and it is priced well, it's going to sell," says... Continue Reading »

How to Sell a Home That's Not Even on the Market

By Brendon DeSimone It happens all the time. Sue hears that a friend of a friend, Bob, is looking to buy a place. Turns out, Sue is looking to sell her home. Or a guest in someone's one-of-a-kind home tells the owners that they'd love to buy the property, should the homeowners ever decide to sell. And so begins the... Continue Reading »

Election 2012: Will It Affect Your Decision to Buy a Home?

Today, housing affordability is hovering near all-time highs thanks to a combination of a number of factors, including low mortgage rates and home prices, but there is still a bit of uncertainty in the market due to the election season. While the majority of Americans say that November's upcoming presidential election has... Continue Reading »

5 Mistakes Homesellers Should Avoid

By Brendon DeSimone After years of dead open houses, price reduction after price reduction and failed attempts to sell homes, many real estate markets are picking up. This could be welcome news to someone who has been forced to have kids share a bedroom, suffer through a long commute or any number of reasons why folks... Continue Reading »

Faith in Real Estate: Using Divine Intervention to Sell Homes

People have tried crazy things to sell a house: throwing in a $1,000 bar tab with the home purchase, filming YouTube spoofs of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" and advertising a cheating husband's affair. But some use a much simpler tactic to get a home sold: They just have a little faith. In a real estate market still... Continue Reading »

7 Things Homebuyers Hate

As a home seller, you have way too much competition to let little items sabotage a sale. These seven problems are among the biggest homebuyer turnoffs, and most of them are easy to fix without spending a lot of money. %Gallery-153360% Continue Reading »

Help Agents Sell Your Home As If They Owned It

Real estate agents tend to make more money when selling their own home than when they sell a home for someone else. That was the claim Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner made in their best-selling book Freakonomics. In the book they referred to a study that says real estate agents wait longer to sell their own... Continue Reading »

Barbara Corcoran: Queen of NYC Real Estate Tells All

Barbara Corcoran nearly personifies the residential real estate business. She started in the New York City trenches and went on to build the Corcoran Group, one of the city's powerhouse real estate brands. Sarabeth Sanders of The Real Deal selects some choice nuggets from Corcoran's new book, Shark Tales: How I Turned... Continue Reading »

For Sale By Owner: Not a Good Move Right Now?

Do you really need a real estate agent to sell your house? Fans of the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) approach say no. But here is a cautionary tale about the potential pitfalls of going the For Sale by Owner route. Matthew Peters and his wife, Fiona, had two FSBO home sales under their belt, so they naturally opted for the... Continue Reading »

Super Bowl Sunday: Good Day for Open Houses?

Home sellers and buyers expect Sunday open houses, but when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, things can get a little dicey. There are some determined buyers (and perhaps desperate sellers) who are willing to venture an open house on Feb. 6. And why not? After all, the game doesn't start until the evening, after most open... Continue Reading »

Selling a Home Becomes a Witch Hunt

Selling a home isn't getting any easier. But in Salem, Mass., the historical home of 17th century witch hunts, the process has taken a ghoulish turn. In Salem, and some other communities around the country, buyers are increasingly turning to witches, pyschics and feng shui experts to purge foreclosed properties of evil... Continue Reading »

Home Inspections for Sellers: Prepping for the Sale

A thorough home inspection is a critical step in the home-buying process, which is one reason that it's typically thought of as something the buyer has to do. There are, however, a few things that a seller can do to make the process smoother and ensure that a property gets... Continue Reading »

Home Values: Why You Should Stop Worrying About Yours

Checking your home's value on websites has become an almost weekly obsession with many. That obsession is being fed by stories like one from The New York Times declaring that owning a home is no longer a way to build wealth. As long as you're not planning to move, you should stop worrying about the long-term value for... Continue Reading »

For Sale By Owner: How to Market Your Home Sale

It's hard enough to sell a house in today's market without taking a substantial loss. If you then have to skim the cream off the top to pay for a sales commission, you're digging an even deeper hole. A real estate agent is supposed to relieve the stress of selling a home, but the process of choosing an agent is its own... Continue Reading »

Open House Invitation: Take Off Your Shoes!

It doesn't take much to scare off homebuyers these days, especially when it comes to open houses. The New York Times reports that New York City apartment sellers who ask buyers to remove their footwear before touring a property sometime risk turning them off before they even have a look around. Open houses gain most of... Continue Reading »


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