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Lawsuit Alleges Real Estate Agent Used Clients' Home for Sexual Affair

Facebook WAYNE, N.J. -- A northern New Jersey couple claim their real estate agent kept potential buyers away from their vacant home so he could use it for "sexual escapades" with a female colleague. The Record reports that the couple sued the real estate agents and their firm alleging breach of trust and fiduciary duties... Continue Reading »

First Impressions That Get Homes Sold the Fastest

Say you're going on a first date or a job interview. There's one piece of advice you can expect to get from just about everyone: Make a good first impression. Well, if you're hoping to court a buyer for the home you're selling, that rule still applies. You wouldn't let a prospective boss (or the man or woman you're... Continue Reading »

Home Sellers and Realtors: Where They Agree and Don't About Marketing a Property

By Samuel Weigley The services of real estate agents can be invaluable, but it seems that most sellers know how to sell their homes. And when it comes to home improvements before putting their houses on the market, agents and sellers mostly agree on what is the best course of action, according to a recent survey conducted... Continue Reading »

What a Homebuyer Should Know Before Closing

By Leonard Baron It's hardly page-turning literature, but there are many reasons why you should read these documents before making any property purchase: • Title abstract • Title insurance policy and schedule of exclusions • Plat or a survey while you walk the property boundaries • Homeowners'... Continue Reading »

Tiny Helicopter Makes Big Real Estate Buzz

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a remote-controlled high-definition video camera! Leave it to Hollywood to break new ground in filmmaking -- in this case, with the Hexa Cam -- a tiny chopper that flies over your house to take swoopy HD videos for your real estate listing. "Everybody's trying to sell... Continue Reading »

Spring Sellers Try House Swap Instead

Wendy Bauwens is no stranger to swapping. As a horse trainer, she has traded a harness for a new website and a riding lesson for a haircut. Today, however, she's lining up her biggest swap yet: her horse farm, Sunnyside Farms (pictured at left), located near Bozeman, Mont., for something closer to the ocean. A new place... Continue Reading »

Ready, Set, Sell: Home Staging Tips for Spring

There may still be snow on the ground in your neck of the woods, but if you're trying to sell a home this spring, it's not too early to start getting the house ready. One of the surest ways to speed a home sale is through artful home staging. Home staging is more important than ever these days, when houses are not... Continue Reading »

Selling Your Home on Craigslist: Trickier Than You Think

Craigslist's free classifieds are familiar to everyone from real estate agents to average homeowners trying to sell a home. The site covers 700 cities worldwide and is used by 50 million people per month. More than a billion real estate ads have been posted since the site's founding in 1995. But do you know how to... Continue Reading »

Why Renting Can Be Your Best Bet

Is buying always superior to renting? Not always, and in a down market, not when it comes to selling. Writer Sutton Stokes recently shared his saga with The Washington Times Communities. He and his wife went from renting to owning, to selling -- and waiting. In his words, "our decision to 'stop throwing money away on... Continue Reading »

Pricing Your Home to Sell, Part 2

Incorrectly pricing your home won't make it any easier to sell in this market. We recently explored some common home pricing mistakes. Now we'll look at a few more mistakes sellers make pricing their home and how you can avoid disappointment: Continue Reading »

Pricing Your Home to Sell, Part 1

Home selling No. 1? Not knowing what your home is really worth and pricing it incorrectly. Here's the ugly truth: your home is not what you think it's worth. Your home is what the market determines your home is worth. It's a reality that has upset a lot of people over the past 18 months and continues to flummox... Continue Reading »

Trading Down No Longer Safe Retirement Strategy

Once upon a time a majority of people followed this seemingly fiscally sound path: Buy a home, spend your working years paying it off, and then sell it so you can trade down once the kids left. Magically, all that built-up equity could fund your retirement. What a fairy tale! Today the baby boomers are discovering that... Continue Reading »

WASHINGTON - (AP) Not even Supreme Court justices are immune to the economy. Justice Sonia Sotomayor plans to keep her apartment in New York for the time being, even as she gets a place in Washington. "Right now I, like many other Americans, it would not be wise for me to sell my home in New York because the market is so... Continue Reading »

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