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Survey: Most Boomers Would Cover Kids' Down Payment

Baby boomers may be in a better position than most to buy homes, but not before helping Junior out of a bind. A national survey found that at least two-thirds of boomers age 45 and up want to help their children or grandchildren with a home down payment. The study, conducted by Meredith Research Solutions for Better Homes... Continue Reading »

Home Design Can Trigger Memory Lapse, Research Says

I regularly walk into my kitchen and open a drawer, only to forget what I am looking for. I walk into our laundry room to claim some clean socks, only to forget what it was I needed. When I call for the dog, my kid's name sometimes comes out of my mouth. And as much as I dislike Rick Perry, I totally got how he couldn't... Continue Reading »

Chicago Senior Residential Projects Go Green

What's not to love about rooftop gardens and terraces in a quiet neighborhood just north of a major metropolitan downtown area? They serve many purposes, especially for a community of seniors in Lakeview, just 4 miles north of the Loop. Everyone in Chicago seems to be going green these days. Not only was it recently... Continue Reading »

HUD Apartment: Can You Live in One If You're Under 62?

Dear Apartment Guru, I moved in with my grandmother about seven months ago when my roommate moved out and left me high and dry. I recently found out that my gram lives in a HUD-subsidized elderly community. One of our insane neighbors is freaking out because she keeps saying that she was told that this community was for... Continue Reading »

L.A. Seniors Get Crafty at Rental Artists' Colony

First it was hipsters in trailers; the next wave of colonies might be grandparents in arts-focused senior housing. It's a trend that's gaining traction in the Los Angeles area, with artistic seniors spending their golden years pursuing passions instead of biding their time. The center at the heart of the movement is the... Continue Reading »

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