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Millions of Older Americans at Risk of Foreclosure

By Les Christie NEW YORK -- A growing number of older Americans are falling into serious mortgage debt, with more than three million borrowers over the age of 50 at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure, according to a recent report from the AARP. Since the housing crisis started, more than 1.5 million homeowners age... Continue Reading »

Poll: Baby Boomers Willing But Unable to Move

WASHINGTON -- As baby boomers look ahead to retirement, they'd prefer a home that is affordable, accessible to medical care and close to family. But an Associated poll finds that amid a shaky economy, few think it's likely they'll move in retirement. Shelley Wernholm, a 47-year-old single mother... Continue Reading »

Chicago Senior Residential Projects Go Green

What's not to love about rooftop gardens and terraces in a quiet neighborhood just north of a major metropolitan downtown area? They serve many purposes, especially for a community of seniors in Lakeview, just 4 miles north of the Loop. Everyone in Chicago seems to be going green these days. Not only was it recently... Continue Reading »

Dramatic Facelift for Low-Income Housing in Miami

New-and-improved home sweet home. A Mediterranean Revival style building, once so deteriorated that the city of Miami Beach was ready to demolish it, has been brought back to life by the Miami Beach Community Development Corporation (CDC), a non-profit group that will maintain it as housing for low-income seniors. The... Continue Reading »

What's Hot and What's Not for Homes

Housing is subject to the whims of fashion, too. So what will the stylish new homes be sporting in 2010? For one, they'll be slimming down from plus-size to skinny model footprints, but in a way that you won't notice the downsizing so much. Green continues to be in. Homes will also be designed to appeal to older folks... Continue Reading »

Considering a Reverse Mortgage? Read This First.

Ah, the golden years. But in these post-crisis times, many seniors are spending more time worrying about the roof over their heads than what hobby to pick up next. Some seniors are among the millions of Americans facing foreclosure because they can't afford to continue making the payments. Others are struggling with... Continue Reading »

Nail-biter for Seniors in Tuscon Apartment Complex

Thanksgiving brought new hope to the senior citizens at the Coronado Hotel Apartments in downtown Tucson, Ariz. Last week, it seemed like a sure thing that their pastel-pink building would be sold to a private investor and they would be forced to move within a year. Possible bidders included office and restaurant... Continue Reading »

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