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  • Best Places to Live for Unrepentant Shopaholics

    Best Places to Live for Unrepentant Shopaholics

    Where are the best places to live to shop till you drop and then wake up the next day to do it again? My task is to find luxurious homes in close proximity to fabulous shopping so a shopaholic like me can have a place to crash while my plastic cools down. When looking for amazing clothes, shoes, and accessories... Continue Reading

  • New York Eco-Shopping Extravaganza

    New York Eco-Shopping Extravaganza

    A green pop-up shop in New York City could be the world's largest exhibit space of eco-manufacturers and products of its kind. The Green Up Shop, a boutique and event space, is a joint production by upcycle manufacturer Terracycle, the Fashion Center Business Improvement District, the Port Authority of NY and... Continue Reading

  • Nic Cage's Latest Real Estate Disaster: A Pyramid Tomb

    Nic Cage's Latest Real Estate Disaster: A Pyramid Tomb

    Nicolas Cage's housing troubles are enough to drive a man to his grave. Perhaps that's what he was thinking when he erected a 9-foot-tall pyramid-shaped tomb in a New Orleans cemetery. Who knows why Cage decided on this design, but as first reported in TMZ, it is possible it's because his film National Treasure... Continue Reading

  • Bargain Huntress: 4 Places to Shop Your Tax Refund

    Bargain Huntress: 4 Places to Shop Your Tax Refund

    Phew. Tax Day madness is behind us, and now that you've appeased the IRS let's direct your attention to how you're going to spend your whale of a refund. Sure, you can be a responsible adult and pay off your credit card debt or your next month's rent in advance, but that is so stereotypical! (And heartbreaking... Continue Reading

  • Score One for Mid-Century Los Angeles

    Score One for Mid-Century Los Angeles

    Thanks to L.A. mid-century preservationists like Diane Keaton, a deal was announced Feb. 11 to save the Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel, turning it into a mixed-use condo development. The mid-century gem had been slated for the wrecking ball, but now its notable curving glass-and-aluminum facade will remain, and so... Continue Reading

  • Cyber Monday Deals for Renters

    Cyber Monday Deals for Renters

    Forget Black Friday, Cyber Monday is where it's at. No fighting for the last PlayStation, no getting trampled at Walmart, just you, a cup of coffee and you're trusty computer getting all your holiday shopping done in one sitting. Isn't technology great? You've likely already perused our Holiday Gift Guide,... Continue Reading

  • Save Big on Black Friday

    Save Big on Black Friday

    It's time to start the countdown to the most magical day of the year. No, no - not that one. Black Friday, of course! The mother of all shopping days takes place the day after Thanksgiving, and this year's economic slump has stores more determined than ever to get bodies (and the accompanying wallets) through... Continue Reading

  • Wal-Mart, Coming to a City Near You

    Wal-Mart, Coming to a City Near You

    God Bless "Generica"! City dwellers, privileged by the opportunity to shop at a greater percentage of unique, independent retailers, might soon have some 'splaining to do when Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, moves to town. At present the super giant is moving to add stores in Chicago, Philadelphia, and... Continue Reading

  • Customize Your Home Accessories

    Customize Your Home Accessories

    While the idea of customized-just-for-me home accessories has its appeal, I have to admit that it's mostly the awesome web interfaces that get the geek in me all fired up. As a web professional, I know that my habit is wrecking site metrics and increasing online cart abandonment, but I just can't stop playing... Continue Reading

  • Great Idea, Ikea!

    Great Idea, Ikea!

    A trip to famed flat-pack supercenter Ikea is a universal experience. Excitement about visiting the amusement park of furniture stores; broken vows to buy only what's on the shopping list; unforeseen soft-serve cravings; and often, sorrow that the towering stock-shelf is empty of the item that you fell in love... Continue Reading