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Guangzhou, China, Sinkhole Swallows Buildings (VIDEO)

A gigantic sinkhole in Guangzhou, China, opened up near a subway construction site, swallowing a building complex Wednesday. The sinkhole was about 3,230 square feet wide and 30 feet deep, according to reports. No casualties were reported, but about 300 residents who lived nearby were evacuated. Nearly 3,000 homes were... Continue Reading »

Sinkhole Swallows Half of Florida Woman's Home

It's bad when you uncover mounds of trash buried in your backyard. It's worse when you discover that the home you just bought is infested with snakes. But it's utterly horrible when the earth swallows half of your house. Susan Minutillo, of Hudson, Fla., returned home from running an errand to find that the entire back... Continue Reading »

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