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Do-It-Yourself Ideas for Small Apartments

With some of the latest designs for apartments showing a trend toward smaller spaces (uh, did you see the 350-square-foot vision for New York City's new "microstudio"?), how on earth are we supposed to fit anything in our homes? If you're planning to give San Francisco's "micro-apartment" -- measuring a... Continue Reading »

San Francisco's 'Micro-Apartment': How Much Smaller Can We Go?

We thought a 325-square-foot apartment was tiny, but San Francisco has shrunk the size of a studio even further -- to a ridiculously minuscule 160 square feet. Patrick Kennedy of the development firm Panoramic Interests designed a life-size model of the smallest-size studio apartment that's legally allowed in... Continue Reading »

Hong Kong's 40-Square-Foot Apartments Will Make You Squirm

We thought 325 square feet was cramped -- but this is something else entirely. According to the Society for Community Organization, 100,000 people in Hong Kong currently live in tiny 40-square-foot apartments. The photo above shows just one example. The miniscule "cubicle" apartments are created by subdividing... Continue Reading »

NYC's 'Microstudio': Is 325 Square Feet the Future of Housing for City Dwellers?

Unless you're in college, the prospect of living in a tiny, 325-square-foot apartment probably sounds like a nightmare. But according to a new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York, this living situation could be the future for many single city-dwellers. MCNY's latest exhibit, "Making Room: New Models for... Continue Reading »

Listing Fail: 'Cavernous' Living Room in a Shoebox Apartment

Selling apartments in New York City has gotta be one of the hardest jobs in the world, but that's no excuse for false advertising. Sorry, let us rephrase: deceptive descriptions so far off the mark that they're almost laughable. We'll explain. The word "cavernous" can and should be used to describe huge McMansions with... Continue Reading »

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