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Yep, It Can Get Smaller: A 130-Square-Foot Apartment in Paris

Like many of you, we're obsessed with tiny homes. New York City microstudios measuring 325 square feet, San Francisco apartments at 160 square feet -- good things come in small packages, we say! And just when we thought it couldn't get any smaller, we saw this: A teeny, tiny 130-square-foot apartment in Paris! Though... Continue Reading »

Do-It-Yourself Ideas for Small Apartments

With some of the latest designs for apartments showing a trend toward smaller spaces (uh, did you see the 350-square-foot vision for New York City's new "microstudio"?), how on earth are we supposed to fit anything in our homes? If you're planning to give San Francisco's "micro-apartment" -- measuring a... Continue Reading »

Hong Kong's 40-Square-Foot Apartments Will Make You Squirm

We thought 325 square feet was cramped -- but this is something else entirely. According to the Society for Community Organization, 100,000 people in Hong Kong currently live in tiny 40-square-foot apartments. The photo above shows just one example. The miniscule "cubicle" apartments are created by subdividing... Continue Reading »

NYC's Amazing 'Transformer' Apartment Puts 6 Rooms in 1

We've seen the way New Yorkers cram their stuff into tiny shoebox apartments (325 square feet, anyone?) and call it "shabby chic," but we've found a cooler way to maximize your space. This apartment in New York City's SoHo neighborhood may only be 420 square feet -- but you'd never know it, thanks to its innovative... Continue Reading »

NYC's 'Microstudio': Is 325 Square Feet the Future of Housing for City Dwellers?

Unless you're in college, the prospect of living in a tiny, 325-square-foot apartment probably sounds like a nightmare. But according to a new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York, this living situation could be the future for many single city-dwellers. MCNY's latest exhibit, "Making Room: New Models for... Continue Reading »

Holiday Parties in Small Spaces: How to Maximize Your Tiny Pad for a Christmas Fete

Here you are, in your studio or tiny one-bedroom apartment, and the holiday season has arrived. You'd love to throw a party -- just like your parents do every year in their big suburban house, with everyone from your cousin-in-law to your uncle's mechanic invited -- but how? You can do it -- if you just plan properly.... Continue Reading »

Tour the 258-sq.-ft. Transformer Apartment

We've been writing a lot about super-small spaces lately. First there was Felice Cohen, who bunks in a 90-square-foot apartment. Then we discovered Luke, a dude who lives large in only 78 square feet. Well, our new favorite in the can-you-top-this small-space sweepstakes is Christian Schallert. At 258 square feet, his... Continue Reading »

Woman Lives in 90-Square-Foot New York Apartment

Watch your knees in the bathroom ... careful you don't knock down those towering shelves ... and don't bang your head on the ceiling in the loft! Those are words to live by for New Yorker Felice Cohen, who lives in a 90-square-foot apartment. (That's her in her loft bed at left.) That's right, it's just 12 feet long by 7... Continue Reading »

Storage Solutions in a Small Apartment

After years of dreaming about moving to the big city, Allyson Taylor finally made her dream a reality. However, her move into a small studio apartment quickly turned into a nightmare. While she never considered her former suburban apartment particularly special, it was downright spacious compared to her new living... Continue Reading »

Ace of Space: Grow an Edible Garden on the Roof

If you're anything like me, you probably don't have a porch or huge backyard for a fruit and vegetable garden. But chances are that you have a roof, and that's a great place to start an edible gardening project. Apartment Therapy recently featured the story of Basil Lee. He's a Brooklyn-based architect who has... Continue Reading »

Washington, D.C. Interior Designer Learns to Think Small

Though she now calls Washington, D.C. her home, interior designer Zoe Feldman has experienced a tour of her own small-space living, up and down the East Coast. There was the miniscule kitchen of her Sarasota rental; three space-challenging Manhattan dwellings (two with an added faux wall for even less living space); and... Continue Reading »

Sofa: Fitting Into Small Space Takes Deft Touch

A sofa is the centerpiece of a living room. So picking a comfortable, yet well designed sofa is one key to designing a comfortable living space. This is especially important for those of you who live in small apartments. A sofa that's too big can overwhelm a living room and leave you feeling cramped. But don't fret: All... Continue Reading »

Perfect Chairs for Tiny Butts

It can be tough to find cool chairs to fit in teeny-tiny spaces. However, you don't have to let your space go to waste. Say goodbye to big, bulky chairs and incorporate a few of these simple and well-designed pieces into your home. 1. Twin Chair by Philippe Nigro The Twin Chair has two layers that can be stacked... Continue Reading »

Domestic Divas Don't Clean

Lisa Quinn is more than just an author, she's an interior designer, television host, wife, mother and a self-proclaimed fraud. The fraud moniker stems from the fact that she was advising folks on how to keep a perfectly clean and neat home, kind of like a Martha Stewart clone, but wasn't practicing what she was preaching.... Continue Reading »

Downsizing: How to Live in a Small Space with Less

How does one move from 5,100 square feet to 600 and still function? Attorney Glen Ackerman, who, when he moved from his large Pittsburgh home to his tiny one-bedroom Washington, D.C. condo started over with nothing but his clothes and a few books, will tell you "live only with the necessities," according to the Washington... Continue Reading »

Need More Storage Space? Try a Door

Putting a bed on risers or installing shelves is usually the go-to solution when dealing with organizational conundrums, but don't forget about the usefulness of a door when trying to maximize storage in your apartment. Over-the-door organizers are not just for towels and shoe racks anymore. Manufacturers have... Continue Reading »

Top 10 Design Books of 2009

It's been a tough year for the design industry, which means we haven't been running out to buy that mid-century desk we've been admiring,or recovering our old armchairs in wild prints. But that doesn't mean we don't want to dream about those things - and the fabulous homes we'd have, if we had all the money in the... Continue Reading »

Life in a 55 Square Foot Rental

On the heels of a story about a couple's 175 square foot studio apartment in Morningside Heights, which they bought for $150,000, The New York Post has run a feature on outrageously small rental apartments, starting with the 55 square foot studio of Eddie Rabon. The freelance producer's home in the neighborhood of Hell's... Continue Reading »

Secrets to Small-Space Entertaining

Just because you have a small home or apartment doesn't mean you don't have room to entertain. Entertaining in small spaces can be done with a little ingenuity and some planning ahead. Here are a few ideas to get you started:Set the TableGetting more seats around your dining room table is probably the biggest problem when... Continue Reading »

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