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Secondhand Smoke in Apartment Buildings: Can You Make Your Neighbor Stop Puffing Inside?

Just because you keep your own apartment smoke-free doesn't mean that you're not still breathing in secondhand smoke from your neighbor. Cigarette smoke can easily seep into next-door apartments in multi-unit buildings, and millions of Americans are affected by this every day, according to a new study. But is there... Continue Reading »

California's Biggest Landlord Bans Smoking in Apartments

First you couldn't smoke in your office. Then you couldn't smoke in restaurants or bars. Now your own apartment? The Towbes Group Inc., which owns 2,000 units in 13 apartment complexes in Santa Barbara, Calif., became the largest apartment group in the state to ban residential smoking. In January, a new California law... Continue Reading »

Fire Prevention Tips Keep Renters Safe

Every 20 seconds in the U.S., a fire department responds to a fire in the U.S., according to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association. But many of us rarely -- or maybe never -- think about preparing for a fire, or what we could do to prevent one. For renters, the added risks are assuming the landlord has... Continue Reading »

Suggested Smoking Ban in Federal Housing

Last week RentedSpaces told you about the hoopla surrounding a proposed outdoor smoking ban in West Hollywood. More recently the Apartment Guru looked at a smokers rights in a smoke-free building. Apparently all the anti-smoking sentiment and studies on how bad it is for you (not to mention those around you) is not enough... Continue Reading »

Smoker Rights in a Smoke-Free Building

Dear Apartment Guru, I have been living in my Buffalo, N.Y. apartment for six years. I am, and have been a cigarette smoker the entire time. Lately several of my neighbors have been making such a big deal about those of us who smoke in the building, that our building management has decided to make the building smoke... Continue Reading »

Outdoor Smoking Ban: West Hollywood's Identity Crisis

West Hollywood is an "anything goes" kind of place. You can wear whatever, think whatever, look however and it's not only OK here, it's expected. Individuality and freedom make up the cornerstone of West Hollywood. It's also a place for the unusually health-conscious. Not only are there the usual yoga studios, gyms and... Continue Reading »

Are You Being Poisoned by Radon Gas?

Take a drag and inhale the news ... starting in 2012 Maine will be the first state to require that landlords test for radon, a dangerous gas that causes lung cancer. The hotly contested law was passed earlier this summer. If you've ever given up smoking you know it sucks: you gain weight, you get cranky, and suddenly you... Continue Reading »

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