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Black Ice: Are You Responsible for Keeping It Off Your Property?

Black ice is a scary sounding term, and for good reason: It leads to car accidents, injuries, and a fear of walking outside in the winter. But are you responsible to clear this invisible menace if it's on your property? If someone gets injured slipping in front of your house or on your property, the short answer is: You... Continue Reading »

New Home Sales Hit Record Low, Again!

If you were trying to sell a house in February and got no offers, well, you weren't alone. In February, sales of new homes hit their lowest point ever, or at least since the Commerce Dept. started keeping count in 1963. New homes sold at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 308,000 a year in February, according to the... Continue Reading »

Home Sales Sink, Again

Time is running out for the federal homebuyer tax credit -- but homebuyers weren't rushing to take advantage of the $8,000 deal this February. Sales of existing homes fell for the third straight month in February, sagging to 5.02 million. That's the lowest rate of sales since April of last year, according to the National... Continue Reading »

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