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Squatters' Rights: Difference Between Adverse Possession, Trespassing

MortenMyksvoll/Flickr By Christine DiGangi Technically, you could walk into a home that isn't yours and declare ownership without paying a cent. There are a lot more details that would need to play out in just the right way, but theoretically, it's possible through a process called adverse possession. It's the concept... Continue Reading »

Alleged Squatter Andre Barbosa Leaves Foreclosed Mansion in Boca Raton

We knew it wouldn't last: Andre Barbosa, the 23-year-old alleged squatter who has been living in a $2.5 million foreclosed Boca Raton, Fla., McMansion for months, is finally getting evicted. But when police moved in to evict Barbosa from the mansion on Thursday, he was nowhere to be found, NBC 6 South Florida... Continue Reading »

Squatter Andre Barbosa Lives in $2.5 Million House in Boca Raton for Free

At 23 years old, most of us were just hoping we could afford our first apartment for rent. But that's way below Andre Barbosa's grade. At 23, he's living in a $2.5 million luxury home in the millionaire's enclave of Boca Raton, Fla. -- for free. How? He's squatting in the McMansion. The five-bedroom gated home is a... Continue Reading »

Velma Kellen, Washington Homeowner, Reportedly Had Squatters Living Under Her House

Squatters tend to go for abandoned homes and buildings -- but the crawl space under a 73-year-old woman's house?. Velma Kellen, of Yelm, Wash., said that she was curious as to why she would always find her backyard gate open after she closed it and why she smelled pot wafting through her house from time to time. It was... Continue Reading »

Squatting: Social Menace or Economic Necessity?

LONDON -- Like many young Londoners, 25-year-old Rueben Taylor shares a house in a neighborhood that's part scruffy, part smart. Unlike many others, she doesn't pay a penny in rent -- and that puts her at the center of an escalating battle pitting the rights of property owners against the needs of tenants squeezed out of... Continue Reading »

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