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Squatters' Rights: Difference Between Adverse Possession, Trespassing

MortenMyksvoll/Flickr By Christine DiGangi Technically, you could walk into a home that isn't yours and declare ownership without paying a cent. There are a lot more details that would need to play out in just the right way, but theoretically, it's possible through a process called adverse possession. It's the concept... Continue Reading »

Squatters Organize Co-Op in 'World's Tallest Slum'

Tales of squatters occupying vacant buildings have lately become a familiar one, but in one city they've become about as organized as some New York co-ops, as some 2,500 people have transformed an unfinished skyscraper -- topped by a helipad -- from a symbol of financial muscle into the world's tallest slum. Reaching 45... Continue Reading »

Squatters Beware: States Are Revising Adverse Possession Laws

Anyone hoping to claim any one of thousands of foreclosed homes in Florida through adverse possession -- simply squatting on the land for several years to obtain title to the home -- are out of luck. Florida just changed its law to prohibit "acquiring title to real property by possession." Gov. Rick Scott signed the... Continue Reading »

Squatting in Foreclosed Homes on the Rise?

Thanks to existence of adverse possession laws in some states -- which in rare cases allows a person to claim title to an abandoned property after occupying it for an extended time -- Cherie Fields, 25, and her husband Owen Fields, 27, apparently thought they could live at a vacant home in Lakeland, Fla., for free. On... Continue Reading »

Squatter Lamont Butler Puts Faith-Based Claim on Lavish Mansion

An interesting phenomenon has been popping up around the country: Squatters attempting to claim ownership of vacant or foreclosed homes because, they say, their religion gives them the right. That's what 28-year-old Lamont Butler argued as he attempted to take over a gaudy $6 million home (pictured above and in the photo... Continue Reading »

Alleged Squatter Andre Barbosa Leaves Foreclosed Mansion in Boca Raton

We knew it wouldn't last: Andre Barbosa, the 23-year-old alleged squatter who has been living in a $2.5 million foreclosed Boca Raton, Fla., McMansion for months, is finally getting evicted. But when police moved in to evict Barbosa from the mansion on Thursday, he was nowhere to be found, NBC 6 South Florida... Continue Reading »

Squatter Andre Barbosa Lives in $2.5 Million House in Boca Raton for Free

At 23 years old, most of us were just hoping we could afford our first apartment for rent. But that's way below Andre Barbosa's grade. At 23, he's living in a $2.5 million luxury home in the millionaire's enclave of Boca Raton, Fla. -- for free. How? He's squatting in the McMansion. The five-bedroom gated home is a... Continue Reading »

Velma Kellen, Washington Homeowner, Reportedly Had Squatters Living Under Her House

Squatters tend to go for abandoned homes and buildings -- but the crawl space under a 73-year-old woman's house?. Velma Kellen, of Yelm, Wash., said that she was curious as to why she would always find her backyard gate open after she closed it and why she smelled pot wafting through her house from time to time. It was... Continue Reading »

Man Who Lives in Cave in El Paso, Texas, Says Neighbors Shouldn't Fear Him

Cave men do still exist -- at least in El Paso, Texas. A group of hikers reportedly got the scare of their lives on Sunday when a man jumped out of a cave along McKelligon Canyon and started chasing them down a hill. The man was apparently bothered when the hikers came across his makeshift home -- with furniture and... Continue Reading »

Squatters in Littleton, Colo., Couple's Home Refuse to Vacate Despite Judge's Ruling

Despite a judge's ruling that a pair of squatters vacate a Colorado couple's home in two days, two weeks later they are still there, forcing the home's owners to stay put in a relative's basement. Troy and Dayna Donovan (pictured above) had spent a few months away from their home in Littleton, Colo., and when they... Continue Reading »

Troy Donovan and His Wife, Dayna, Find Squatters Living in Their Littleton, Colo., Home

A Littleton, Colo., couple who spent a few months away from home were shocked by what they found in their house when they got back. Another family had moved in, claiming that they bought the house for $5,000. Because of an unscrupulous real estate agent who claimed that their house was abandoned -- and then sold it --... Continue Reading »

Homeless Man Allegedly Rents Out Vacant Home to Tenants

Is being a thief better than being a squatter? A homeless man allegedly stole $1,375 in cash by renting out a vacant home in Ormond Beach, Fla., so that he could afford a place to live, MyFoxOrlando.com reported. Eric Sisson, 27, (pictured at left) listed the foreclosed home on Craigslist, claiming that he recently... Continue Reading »

Renters Beware: Fraudsters Still Lurking on Craigslist

With a burgeoning "sharing economy" and the growing amount of trust in peer-to-peer marketplaces like Craigslist, consumers have become increasingly comfortable with online transactions. These days, it's no exaggeration to say that people are willing to look for almost anything online. Whether it's finding a roommate, a... Continue Reading »

Up in Smoke: House Fire Reveals Huge Marijuana Operation

In a scene straight out of the stoner flick "Pineapple Express," firefighters in California's Riverside County discovered a massive pot-grow operation in a burning, vacant home on Friday. Located in the unincorporated area of Reche Canyon, the large rural home lit up soon after midnight and took firefighters three hours... Continue Reading »

Squatters Claim $2.7 Million Texas Mansion

FORT WORTH, Texas -- One person moved into a dead neighbor's house. Another came from Memphis, Tenn., to Fort Worth to lay claim to a $2.7 million mansion. Tarrant County has become the go-to place for an assortment of squatters claiming other people's houses as their own, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. A... Continue Reading »

Budding Trend: Foreclosed Homes Converted to Pot Gardens

The housing market isn't the only thing that's gone to pot in Las Vegas. With the foreclosure crisis in high gear, some enterprising residents are converting vacant homes into marijuana grow sites, the Los Angeles Times reports. Continue Reading »

Vacant House Targeted by Squatters, Scammers and Thieves

Empty houses -- those either awaiting foreclosure or where the owners have moved out for other reasons -- might as well have a "kick me" sign on them. Actually, make that "vandalize me" sign. They are frequently the targets of squatters who move in illegally, scammers who claim they own them and rent them out to... Continue Reading »

Squatting: Social Menace or Economic Necessity?

LONDON -- Like many young Londoners, 25-year-old Rueben Taylor shares a house in a neighborhood that's part scruffy, part smart. Unlike many others, she doesn't pay a penny in rent -- and that puts her at the center of an escalating battle pitting the rights of property owners against the needs of tenants squeezed out of... Continue Reading »

Realtors' Latest Challenge: A Surge of Squatters

Monique Bryher, a Realtor with Pinnacle Estate Properties in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, has just about had it with squatters. In recent months she's encountered people living in four vacant bank-owned homes she's trying to sell. In one case, she says, the renegade residents "threw weekly rave parties and charged... Continue Reading »

Foreclosed Home Squatters Chased Out by SWAT Team

The Naples, Fla., police department doesn't fool around when it comes to ridding a foreclosed home of illegal squatters. A SWAT team, called to a foreclosed home last month due to a so-called disturbance, gassed the place in an effort to force out a possible squatter who allegedly was hiding in the attic. In the end, three... Continue Reading »

Florida Real Estate Hijacking Victim Wins Back Home

Finders keepers, losers weepers: That may as well be the name of a Florida law on "adverse possession" that says anyone can move into an abandoned Florida home without the owner's permission and eventually obtain the title. That is, provided seven years has passed since the squatters barged their way in, and that they paid... Continue Reading »

Men Arrested for Living in Vacant Home for Sale

Two men who trespassed at a $1.1 million Huntington Beach, Calif., investor's vacant home for sale and claimed to be tenants were arrested after the real estate agent notified police that someone had changed the locks and taken down the for sale sign, reported the Orange County Register. Realtor Dave Macleod told AOL Real... Continue Reading »

New Owners Find Home Already Occupied

Zael Zura and fiancee Veronica Botts (pictured left) closed on their little yellow house Friday after an alleged serial squatter delayed their move by about a week. The first-time homebuyers put an offer on a recently renovated bank-owned home in Shoreline, Wash., several weeks ago, on the same day Zura proposed to Botts.... Continue Reading »

Randy Quaid Arrested for Squatting at Former Home

Actor Randy Quaid, 59, and his wife Evi, 47, were arrested on burglary charges Saturday after they were caught squatting at the guest house of one of their former residences in Montecito, Calif. A representative for the new owner was checking on the residence mid-afternoon, after the security alarm had gone off earlier in... Continue Reading »

New York's Squatters Approach Permanent Housing Rights

New York's Legislature recently voted to make the often-extended Loft Law permanent. With the governor expected to sign that bill, loft tenants will have the state's support in battling unfair rent hikes and possible eviction. From Lower Manhattan to the Bronx, artists living in commercial and manufacturing spaces would be... Continue Reading »

What's Hot on RentedSpaces

From small-scale grills, to compact kitchens, to two-wheel transportation, it's been a week of thinking small here on RentedSpaces. Read on to see what else was hot this week. Renter's Guide to Grills Why should people with huge backyards get to have all the grilling fun? Take a look at some compact grilling systems that... Continue Reading »

Housing Crisis Breeds a New Generation of Squatters

What should be done with the million or so foreclosed homes in the country? We've seen their empty swimming pools used as skateboarding parks. We've seen programs aiming to transform them into rehabber's dreams. And we've heard plenty about turning that empty housing stock into affordable homes. That last idea appeals to... Continue Reading »

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