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College Town Real Estate: Smart Ways to Invest in It

Zillow College towns and cities often offer a lot of charm and excitement as they strive to cater to the young adult crowd, but not every family wants to live right outside a campus. Rob Franek, senior vice president of the Princeton Review, says parents or families considering purchasing a first or second home in a... Continue Reading »

Tenants: Stench of Death Makes St. Louis Complex 'Unlivable'

We've seen some pretty bad things drive tenants out of their apartments and homes -- sewage leaks, mold, rodents and bedbugs -- but this case is easily one of the most morbid. Residents of a St. Louis, Mo., apartment complex are in an "unlivable" situation due to the strong, putrid smell of a decaying body permeating the... Continue Reading »

What Can You Buy for $500,000?

For $500,000, how much house can you get? We asked our friends at to pull out some of the best homes for sale right now for $500,000. You might be surprised at what's out there: Some great deals can be had, but in markets that have been on the rise, the money buys you a little less than it used to. Click... Continue Reading »

Housing Recovery in Only Two Areas, Says Federal Reserve Report

Only two regions of the country showed any sign of a real estate recovery in July and August -- Cleveland and St. Louis. Otherwise, activity in residential real estate markets declined further, according to the Federal Reserve's Beige Book released Sept. 8. In most areas of the country, inventories of available homes rose,... Continue Reading »

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