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NYC's 'Steampunk Loft' Finally Under Contract -- And Our Hearts Break

Our dream of owning New York City's "steampunk loft" has come to an end, when news broke that the property was (finally) under contract. Though we were huge fans of the loft's psychedelic, steampunk-inspired decor (we even did a video on it), it seems that the owner's decision to strip it of its steampunk theme was for... Continue Reading »

NYC's Steampunk Loft Loses The Steampunk (House of the Day)

We loved the infamous "steampunk loft" in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood so much that we even filmed a video on it back in June (see below)! It was like nothing we'd ever seen: a little Jules Verne, a little nautical-chic, and wonderfully, excessively retro-futuristic and otherworldly. Sadly, however, all good... Continue Reading »

Inside Look: NYC's 'Steampunk' Loft (VIDEO)

If you've ever read Jules Verne's seminal science fiction novels -- "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" (1870) or "A Journey to the Center of the Earth" (1864) -- then you'll especially appreciate the inspired retro-futuristic feel of this New York City loft. Packed to the gills with repurposed vintage nautical... Continue Reading »

Decorate Like a 'Steampunk': Mix History and Futuristic Sci-Fi

Nothing combines vintage and future-chic quite like the "steampunk" aesthetic. Mixing elements from the Victorian Era -- you know, when steam power was the only option -- with futuristic punk rock styles, steampunk is basically a sci-fi junkie's design paradise with bits of fantasy, science and engineering all converging... Continue Reading »

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