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Housing Bust Puts Brakes on Decades of Suburban Sprawl

WASHINGTON -- Stung by high gasoline costs, outlying suburbs that sprouted in the heady 2000s are now seeing their growth fizzle to historic lows, halting American city dwellers' decades-long exodus to sprawling homes in distant towns. New census estimates as of July 2011 highlight a shift in population trends,... Continue Reading »

New Urban Dream Stalled by Employers' Move to the Suburbs

In the comments on my earlier post on Gen-Y and the housing market, Travis Robertson makes a number of excellent points. One of them I've heard time and time again when it comes to the Millennials and the new urban dream. Travis writes, "I think we'll see a rise in smaller, urban-style, walkable communities. Lower-income... Continue Reading »

Long Island Real Estate: Levittown Suburb Abandons Its Affordable Roots

You might not notice it while cruising down the Long Island Expressway on the Hampton Jitney, but Long Island, N.Y. -- once the epitome of the suburban dream -- is having something of a midlife crisis as politicians, civic organizations and developers debate how to create more affordable housing. Yes, the place that... Continue Reading »

Suburbs Get Facelift: This Time, With Community-Minded Makeover

The suburbs are back, and a lot residents are OK with it. This time, however, things are different. A number of smaller cities around the country such as Rockville, Md., have spent the last 15 rethinking the notion of suburban sprawl and have created old-fashioned style communities that are more people-friendly and... Continue Reading »

Lose the Car, Keep Your House?

Attention lenders: pedestrians are better risks! A new study of mortgage defaults in three cities concludes that people who live in areas where they don't need a car are less likely to default on their mortgages than people who live in suburban sprawl. In fact, the likelihood of default went up with the number of cars a... Continue Reading »

Virginia Declares Dead End for Cul-de-Sacs

It's the end of the road for Virginia cul-de-sacs. And good riddance. This spring, Gov. Tim Kaine put in place new regulations that require subdivisions to have cut-through roads connecting them to larger roads. No longer can suburban neighborhood developments - like the ones plaguing the congested Northern Virginia... Continue Reading »

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