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Incredible Shrinking Building in Tokyo Skyscraper Demolition (VIDEO)

The ongoing demolition of a Tokyo skyscraper makes it look like the 460-foot-tall building is shrinking. Taisei Corp., the construction company taking down the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, is using a new demolition technique, disassembling the building from the top down, floor by floor. No mess, no dust -- and it's... Continue Reading »

David Hoffman of Marin County, Calif., Ordered to Tear Down Sustainable Home He Built for 40 Years

David Hoffman (pictured above) of Marin County, Calif., has built a pond that refills with groundwater using a solar powered pump. He utilizes buckets of worms to digest food waste and human waste and turn it into useful fertilizer for his gardens. He has carved caves for drying tea leaves. And he has used recycled... Continue Reading »

Hamptons Couple Tears Down House Mid-Construction

Say you're halfway through building a new home when you realize -- oops! -- there's not enough room for a pool in the backyard! What ever are you to do? If you're one couple in the Hamptons, you tear the sucker down and start again from scratch. Eric and Margaret Friedberg did just that when, in the middle of... Continue Reading »

Family Forced to Tear Down Home With Toxic Meth-Lab Past

John and Jessie Bates thought they were living the American dream when they bought their first home in Suquamish, Wash., in March 2007. That was until they and their 7-year-old son, Tyler, began getting sick shortly after moving in. Over the course of a year-and-a-half, strange smells began to fill the home, Tyler... Continue Reading »

Now You See It, Now You Don't: The $43.5 Million Teardown

Say you buy a $43.5 million, 6,000-square-foot oceanfront estate on 6.5 sandy acres in Sagaponack, Long Island (the country's most expensive zip code, according to BusinessWeek). What's the first thing you do? Well, if you're hedge fund billionaire David Tepper, you tear the thing down -- along with the guesthouse,... Continue Reading »

I Want This House: Marfa Edition

I want this house, for three reasons: Location, location, and location. Or maybe I should just say: Marfa, Marfa, Marfa. I'm referring to the tiny town in West Texas that's hard to get to, and even harder to leave. There's something about Marfa -- about the light, the air, the landscape -- that artists find irresistible... Continue Reading »

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