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For Rent: Houses Under 500 Square Feet

ZillowThis cozy cabin at 4304 Brush Hill Road in Nashville has a rustic feel with a water mill and simple furnishings. By Catherine Sherman With high rents in several parts of the country, it's not uncommon to find apartments measuring under 500 square feet. According to tiny housing expert Ryan Mitchell, there's also... Continue Reading »

Micro-Apartment Movement Looks to Build Momentum Among Millennials

Courtesy of Factory 63 By Susan Johnston For many Americans, the McMansion and its supersized mortgage payments have lost their luster. At the same time, many people are delaying marriage and living alone for longer periods of time. The shift has led the way for tiny homes with less square footage and almost no wasted... Continue Reading »

Life in Seattle's 300-Square-Foot Micro-Apartments

Zillow By Catherine Sherman Peter Miller is searching for the number. Not the number of days he's lived at Seattle's Footprint Wallingford -- he just moved in the previous Saturday. And not how much he's paying in rent -- that's $950 a month. Miller is searching for the size of his new apartment. After checking the... Continue Reading »

Where Living in a Dumpster Gets a Whole New Meaning

Some say that they don't notice the homeless living by garbage dumpsters, so one California artist decided to create a functional home, complete with kitchen, toilet and shower, out of a New York City dumpster that he believes could actually go undetected as a home. It's one of the tiniest mobile homes you might find (yes... Continue Reading »

In Seattle, a Backlash Against Tiny Apartment Craze

By Phuong Le Developers in Seattle have been leading the U.S. in building hundreds of tiny apartments -- some about the size of a generous parking spot -- to cater to solo young workers, retirees who prefer city living, students and others looking to downsize. Now, some residents are complaining that micro-apartments... Continue Reading »

Tiny House Movement Spawns Whole Communities of Mini Homes

It's no secret that more and more homeowners are denouncing traditional housing structures for "small home living." Tiny homes, microstudios, independent "accessory dwelling units": Whatever you want to call them, these diminutive residences appear to be growing larger in popularity across the country. In fact,... Continue Reading »

Shane and Carrie Caverly Make Big Plans From Tiny Home

We've heard a lot of hype about tiny homes, but what's it like to actually live in one? According to Shane and Carrie Caverly, who live in a tiny home in Santa Fe, N.M. -- as well as design and build them -- it's positively peachy. Though the couple lives in a truly elfin, 204-square-foot house-on-wheels -- the size of... Continue Reading »

Yep, It Can Get Smaller: A 130-Square-Foot Apartment in Paris

Like many of you, we're obsessed with tiny homes. New York City microstudios measuring 325 square feet, San Francisco apartments at 160 square feet -- good things come in small packages, we say! And just when we thought it couldn't get any smaller, we saw this: A teeny, tiny 130-square-foot apartment in Paris! Though... Continue Reading »

Do-It-Yourself Ideas for Small Apartments

With some of the latest designs for apartments showing a trend toward smaller spaces (uh, did you see the 350-square-foot vision for New York City's new "microstudio"?), how on earth are we supposed to fit anything in our homes? If you're planning to give San Francisco's "micro-apartment" -- measuring a... Continue Reading »

Tiny House for Sale in Arkansas Has Everything but Room

We thought New York's 325-square-foot apartment was small. Then, San Francisco came out with a ridiculously minuscule 160-square-foot apartment. Now there's a 128-square-foot house for sale in Dover, Ark.? How low can you go, people? Despite its size, we'll admit that this tiny house perhaps boasts everything that you... Continue Reading »

San Francisco's 'Micro-Apartment': How Much Smaller Can We Go?

We thought a 325-square-foot apartment was tiny, but San Francisco has shrunk the size of a studio even further -- to a ridiculously minuscule 160 square feet. Patrick Kennedy of the development firm Panoramic Interests designed a life-size model of the smallest-size studio apartment that's legally allowed in... Continue Reading »

Hong Kong's 40-Square-Foot Apartments Will Make You Squirm

We thought 325 square feet was cramped -- but this is something else entirely. According to the Society for Community Organization, 100,000 people in Hong Kong currently live in tiny 40-square-foot apartments. The photo above shows just one example. The miniscule "cubicle" apartments are created by subdividing... Continue Reading »

NYC's Amazing 'Transformer' Apartment Puts 6 Rooms in 1

We've seen the way New Yorkers cram their stuff into tiny shoebox apartments (325 square feet, anyone?) and call it "shabby chic," but we've found a cooler way to maximize your space. This apartment in New York City's SoHo neighborhood may only be 420 square feet -- but you'd never know it, thanks to its innovative... Continue Reading »

NYC's 'Microstudio': Is 325 Square Feet the Future of Housing for City Dwellers?

Unless you're in college, the prospect of living in a tiny, 325-square-foot apartment probably sounds like a nightmare. But according to a new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York, this living situation could be the future for many single city-dwellers. MCNY's latest exhibit, "Making Room: New Models for... Continue Reading »

Tiny Homes That Feel Bigger Than They Really Are

By Deirdre Sullivan Small is the new big. But if you think a tiny home would crimp your way of life, check out these videos. We found three weensy abodes that feel like much larger homes. The trick is that each micro-living place maximizes space to compliment the resident's lifestyle. 1. A home that doesn't skimp on... Continue Reading »

Holiday Parties in Small Spaces: How to Maximize Your Tiny Pad for a Christmas Fete

Here you are, in your studio or tiny one-bedroom apartment, and the holiday season has arrived. You'd love to throw a party -- just like your parents do every year in their big suburban house, with everyone from your cousin-in-law to your uncle's mechanic invited -- but how? You can do it -- if you just plan properly.... Continue Reading »

5 Tiny Home Models Hint at Future of Urban Housing

By Deirdre Sullivan We've seen the future of urban housing, and it gives new meaning to living in a shoebox. Cities around the globe, including Boston, New York and San Francisco, have announced pint-size housing plans that address the need for more one- and two-person households. Here's a peek at five urban spaces... Continue Reading »

How to Make a Small Home Feel Bigger

By Adam Verwymeren Big city life comes with certain advantages, but the big money required for a spacious home isn't one of them. If you're a cramped city dweller who always seems to be running out of room, here are some innovative solutions to make your place seem more spacious. Hunting for Extra Storage Space You... Continue Reading »

A House That's Only 1 Square Meter

You could have your very own house to stay in for the cost of a little more than $1 a night! What? You think there's a catch? OK, there is: The house is only a cozy 1 square meter large. The aptly named "One-Sqm-House," designed by Berlin-based architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel, features a lockable door, a window and comes... Continue Reading »

Teenager Builds 130-Square-Foot House for College

As small homes go, we've covered everything from shotgun shacks to disappearing lofts, big city closets to itty-bitty bungalows. But in the annals of tiny home lore, 16-year-old Austin Hay holds his own special place. The industrious teenager spent his summer vacation building a 130-square-foot home on wheels, which he... Continue Reading »

Video: Family Lives in 320-Square-Foot 'Shotgun Shack'

Having trouble qualifying for a home loan? Then consider what this inventive family of three did and buy yourself a Mississippi-style "shotgun shack." Sick of working two jobs apiece to pay the mortgage on their 2,000-square-foot home, Debra and her husband Gary decided to give it all up and start over – by... Continue Reading »

Cheap Housing? Beijing Man Builds Egg Home

Environmentalists might just approve of this cheap housing, a mobile egg-shaped home covered in bamboo and grass seed-filled burlap sacks. But will it catch on as a real living space? Dai Haifei, a 24-year-old Beijing architect who developed the egg home, had been living in it on a sidewalk in the high-rent Chinese city... Continue Reading »

Tiny Urban Condos Attracting Young Buyers

It's not surprising that recent college grads want to live in bustling urban areas. What's surprising is how much space they are willing to give up these days to buy condominiums in super-cool city locations. In an effort to keep prices down for cost-conscious young buyers, new apartment buildings around the country are... Continue Reading »

Live More Simply With the Help of Blogs

Blogs relating to simple living, minimalism, and tiny homes are being created everyday (I even have my own -- RowdyKittens). And sorting through so many resources can be overwhelming. So I thought it would be useful to create a round-up of some of my favorite minimalist blogs that will have you living and breathing easier... Continue Reading »

Small-Space Design Tips From Polish Designer Jakub Szczęsny

We're suckers for modular, multipurpose furniture and interior design. When we saw architect and designer Jakub Szczęsny's take on a table for his apartment, we knew we had to speak with him. In the middle of his living room, Szczęsny built what appears to be a white-painted closet. But, when the door swings open, a bright... Continue Reading »

The World's Smallest Apartment Gets a Tenant

Ever think about living in a cramped, windowless room with a wire roof? No, not like a battery cage chicken, more like, a 25-year old Chinese woman named Zhang Qi. Her insanely-tiny apartment is just 21 square-feet! She's the first to move into what the developer is calling a "capsule apartment" -- and what we're calling... Continue Reading »

Tiny Prefab Living in San Francisco Apartment Building

If you thought prefab living was solely for outside the city limits, think again. Zeta Communities, a San Francisco company that produces net-zero-energy housing, is working on exciting new project called Smartspace. The company has partnered with two Bay Area housing projects to create two four-story apartment buildings... Continue Reading »

DIY Tiny Houses: Living Small Is the Best Revenge

I had no idea the small house movement existed until I stumbled across a YouTube video featuring Dee Williams' tiny house. It was New Year's Eve of 2008 and hearing Dee Williams' story inspired my partner and I to downsize. You've probably heard about Dee's tiny house adventures. She's been interviewed by NPR, Time,... Continue Reading »

DIY Shacks With Punk Rock Style

Derek "Deek" Diedricksen has self-published a punk rock/indie-'zine-inspired book about tiny homes. Renters with the itch to have a place of their own should take note. The Relaxshax blogger has written and illustrated the 101-page book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts (And... Continue Reading »

Tiny Homes Get Big

The trend toward "living small" is on the brink of getting very, very big. Not only is the average home size shrinking, there are more small home devotees, and more small home options available than ever before. So it should come as no surprise there are ever-bigger numbers of "loud and proud" people choosing to live in... Continue Reading »


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