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What Keeps New York Livable? Lots of Things, Including Cars

It may be hard to believe, but a well-organized group of folks think New York City is too friendly to cars. And these folks have brought positive changes in New York over the past couple of years. So it shouldn't be surprising that some of them don't know when to quit. A new screed against the city government on the... Continue Reading »

Save on Your Commute with Pre-Tax Dollars

Renter life hack, priority number one: eliminate or reduce your time and cost commuting to your job. You already know that there are costs involved with either a car or public transit commute. Most people assume the only way to reduce this is through ridesharing or carpooling. Great start, but also consider an even... Continue Reading »

Miami Vice into Virtue with Code 21

No, Miami isn't just the backdrop for the Kardashian sisters. It also happens to be at the forefront of New Urbanism with the goal to completely redesign its cityscape thanks to the October adoption of Code 21. Code 21 creates a form-based code to encourage walkable streetscape development and mixed-use landscapes. The... Continue Reading »

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