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10 Best Cities for Your Social Life

If you hate staying home and wish you could go out every night of the week, then you might want to consider living in these cities. Coldwell Banker took a look at some of the trendiest places in the country and narrowed their list of the "Best Places to Live for Social Seekers" down to a hoppin' Top 10. The real estate... Continue Reading »

Folding Bikes Geared to Compact Space, Active Lifestyle

If you thought compact, folding bikes weren't "real bikes," think again. Folding bikes can be well-built, easy to transport and perfect for city dwellers who live in small spaces. Their availability might even inspire more urbanites to take their own gas-free transportation to work. In essence, these bikes are becoming... Continue Reading »

Pedestrians, Renters: Walk This Way

The National Multi Housing Council's report, From NIMBY to Good Neighbors shows that 40% of Americans live in apartments and rentals by choice. In fact, that percentage has steadily risen 28% since 1999. Moreover, households earning $50,000 or more were the fastest growing segment of renters, this group totaling 3.6... Continue Reading »

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