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  • Accessories Put Your Stamp on Your Apartment

    Accessories Put Your Stamp on Your Apartment

    When you've run out of creative ideas, tired of DIY schemes and considered abandoning all hope of personalizing your apartment, it may be time to incorporate trendy accessories or furnishings. Inspired by style maven Rachel Zoe's recent mention of Alexandra Von Furstenberg's neon Acrylic Coasters, here are a... Continue Reading

  • The Fun is Back in Furniture!

    The Fun is Back in Furniture!

    The design world is in Milan for the annual iSalone jamboree, the big Italian fair where designers show off the latest trends -- the stuff they want stores to sell us this year. It's the time when the design-savvy learn whether home furnishing goes "back to Baroque" or if the "impersonal industrial" will rule... Continue Reading

  • The Incredible Shrinking Home: The Trend is Small

    The Incredible Shrinking Home: The Trend is Small

    The Great Recession continues to sap so much of what we Americans hold dear -- our jobs, homes, retirement savings, and optimism. Now comes another low blow: if you do manage to buy a home nowadays, it's likely to be smaller than your neighbor's. Homes being built now are actually shrinking in size, suggesting... Continue Reading

  • Rental Design Trends for 2010

    Rental Design Trends for 2010

    Conspicuous consumption is so... not last year. We've checked the tea leaves and it's not slated for a comeback in 2010, either. Cyberhomes featured a great list of five home design trends for 2010. We covered these very peek-into-the-future trends in 2009. Then again, we had the unfair advantage of access to... Continue Reading

  • Food Trends for 2010

    Food Trends for 2010

    Good news renters: Throwing your next dinner party won't plummet you into debt. Epicurious.com has just published its annual list of food trend predictions, and by the looks of the 2010 edition, it seems that the recent recession has sent us all scrambling for the familiar and the low-brow. And while I'm... Continue Reading

  • Potato-Sack Chic

    Potato-Sack Chic

    Fabric trends come and go, from last year's boldly colored zebra stripes to perennial favorite Marimekko. And now, born from the recession, comes the latest must-have upholstery material: burlap. Yes, the fabric of potato sacks and coffee bags has suddenly become de rigueur on such items as French reproduction... Continue Reading

  • Is Shabby Chic Back?

    Is Shabby Chic Back?

    Remember "shabby chic"? Yesterday, The New York Times wrote about Rachel Ashwell, the L.A. designer whose "Shabby Chic" brand went bankrupt a year ago and has been revived thanks to a new flock of investors. Shabby Chic, like comfort food and knitting, seems to be the type of down-home coziness people are... Continue Reading

  • Top 3 Design Trends from the N.Y. Gift Fair

    Top 3 Design Trends from the N.Y. Gift Fair

    Designers and manufacturers from around the world put their best pieces forward this week at the The New York International Gift Fair in New York's immense Jacob Javits Center. Shop owners, interior designers and, of course, RentedSpaces was there scouting the endless aisles looking for this winter's it item, it... Continue Reading