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Mortgage Rates Sink to 5-Month Low

Just in time for the spring buying season, mortgage rates have fallen to their lowest level in five months, according to a lender survey released this week. This marks the fourth straight week in which mortgage rates have dropped. The benchmark for conforming 30-year fixed rate mortgages fell to 4.88 percent, down from... Continue Reading »

Hello to ARMS: Variable-Rate Loans Make a Comeback

Roundly blamed as one of the key reasons behind the collapse of the housing market, the once-popular ARMs--adjustable-rate mortgages that started low and then adjusted to higher and less affordable payments--have crept back into the marketplace. The home-loan product that was virtually eradicated during the housing bust is... Continue Reading »

Key Video Takeaways Just one look at Dan and Barbara Nostros' Ridgewood, N.J. home tells you that the last thing this couple ever thought they'd do is downsize to a smaller house. Nearly 3,500 square feet with four bedrooms, the Nostros' home has the feeling of a warm cocoon that's slowly expanded over the 12... Continue Reading »

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