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Walmart Mortgages Would Appeal to 1 in 3 U.S. Consumers

One in three U.S. consumers would consider a mortgage from retailer Walmart and almost half would consider one from online payment provider PayPal, according to a financial services study released on Monday. The results might be especially disconcerting for banks because the two companies don't even offer mortgages. The... Continue Reading »

Earth Day Tips: How to Green Your Home Today

It's Earth Day and after 40 years of recognizing our lovely planet's needs, there's still plenty of saving to do. The good news is that some of those earth-improving tasks can happen right in your home. The trend of "going green" and living sustainably has resulted in major chain stores from Home Depot and Wal-Mart... Continue Reading »

Laundry Detergent: DIY and Save Money

Whether you share a common laundry room or are lucky enough to have laundry facilities in your rental, everyone faces a similar challenge: How to save on the suds. (And no, not just the drinking kind.) Depending on the amount and the frequency with which you do the laundry, a year's worth of detergent can cost you $75 or... Continue Reading »

Live at Wal-Mart, Not Sprawl-Mart

In a move worthy of an Onion headline, a Wal-Mart will be built this year on top of a Lowes in Baltimore. Both big-box stores will anchor the development at the 25th Street Station in Remington. And amazingly, you might be able to live there, too. The development is an usual arrangement. Rather than side-by-side... Continue Reading »

The Curse of Zombie Shopping Malls

What happens to "zombie" commercial spaces and, in particular, those dead shopping malls? Is your local "zombie mall" the masked, serial slasher in your hometown's struggle for economic recovery? The recession has left many desolate malls and office buildings in its wake, and this poses a potential economic crisis. If... Continue Reading »

Wal-Mart, Coming to a City Near You

God Bless "Generica"! City dwellers, privileged by the opportunity to shop at a greater percentage of unique, independent retailers, might soon have some 'splaining to do when Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, moves to town. At present the super giant is moving to add stores in Chicago, Philadelphia, and even New... Continue Reading »

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