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Back to School Program Protects Kids, Neighbors

"See that?" says Jane Solomon, a mother of school-age twins, pointing to an intersection that has a chipped-paint crosswalk and no traffic light in her Washington, D.C. neighborhood. "Death trap!" As kids head back to school, making that crosswalk safer is more important than ever. The intersection is but one trouble spot... Continue Reading »

Renters on the Right Path as Suburbs Lose Momentum

Renters might want to take another look at this economic downturn. Why? Well, it could signal some really big changes in the way Americans live. In fact, renters may be at the forefront of massive lifestyle changes. Urban-studies theorist Richard Florida has a few ideas about what this economic downturn could mean and is... Continue Reading »

Latest Surgeon General's Warning: Your Neighborhood?

In the interest of public health, the Surgeon General has issued warnings about vices including cigarettes and alcohol. But what does the nation's top doctor have to say about the neighborhood you live in? Should poorly designed communities that discourage walking, social interaction and accessibility come with a similar... Continue Reading »

Los Angeles: 10 Best Walking Neighborhoods

This top 10 list is as scientific as it can be with one person compiling the facts from a sampling of some Los Angeles residents. (Read: those I come into contact with -- a diverse, albeit narrow group.) So as with science, my findings are totally debatable. So I present: The 10 Best Walking Neighborhoods in L.A., with a... Continue Reading »

Best 'Time-Saving Cities' on the West Coast

The phrase "New York minute" is said to have originated in Texas around 1967, a reference to how a Manhattanite does in an instant what a Texan would take a minute to do. Comedian Johnny Carson once defined "New York minute" as the interval between a Manhattan traffic light turning green and the guy behind you honking his... Continue Reading »

Pedestrians, Renters: Walk This Way

The National Multi Housing Council's report, From NIMBY to Good Neighbors shows that 40% of Americans live in apartments and rentals by choice. In fact, that percentage has steadily risen 28% since 1999. Moreover, households earning $50,000 or more were the fastest growing segment of renters, this group totaling 3.6... Continue Reading »

Rent Closer to Work, Save Your Job

Think twice about the rental savings associated with living far away from your job: a long commute could cost you in more ways than one. Nearly a dozen nurses are learning this the hard way after a Washington, D.C. hospital fired them for not showing up for work during the recent, history-making snowstorms, reports The... Continue Reading »

LEEDing you into a Greener Neighborhood

Is your apartment building LEED certified? Who cares - that's sooo last year. Now, LEED certification is expanding from buildings to entire neighborhoods with the arrival of LEED-ND ("Neighborhood Development"). This is the first year projects can apply for this designation. LEED for Neighborhood Development is a... Continue Reading »

Improve Your Quality of Life in Minnesota

Want to take better care of your heart and keep it healthy? Consider moving to Albert Lea, Minn. Residents decided that the best way to prevent heart disease was to pursue public policies to prevent it. People living in this city 90 miles south of Minneapolis, became the first in the nation to sign on to the AARP/Blue... Continue Reading »

Midtown N.Y. Renters Walk Tall

Forget the snow: Your lawn chair-sitting days in the middle of Times Square have been extended! Mayor Bloomberg has decided to keep Times Square a pedestrian-friendly walking mall. This is tremendously good news for mid-town residents. Will the area be seen as a more desirable rental location in Manhattan? Will nearby... Continue Reading »

Swedes Assist Virginia

Favorite Swedish star? That would have to be The Muppets' Swedish Chef. However the lovable, bumbling character is nothing like the serious, real-world Swedes working to reduce Sweden's greenhouse gas carbon emissions. Now, four northern Virginia households have just completed a Swedish-lead experiment called "Climate... Continue Reading »

Is Your Neighborhood Killing You?

Yes, your neighborhood can significantly impact your health - and life span.Two recent, unrelated reports provide some insight. The first, a study by the Alameda County Public Health Department, was completed to determine the non-medical causes of disease of varying populations in the San Francisco Bay Area. The second... Continue Reading »

City Renters

A recent Canadian study suggests that the explosion of connectivity means more work options for the "creative class" outside traditional metropolitan areas. Renters in major cities everywhere are familiar with this equation: "If I lived in X, my rent would only be Y. With all the money I could save, I could do Z!" Factor... Continue Reading »

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