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The Mayan Apocalypse: Could These Doomsday Bunkers Save You?

By Geoffrey Ingersoll The prevalence of "fallout" shelters in pop culture, indeed in culture itself, has seen a recent spike. Maybe it was the 2008 global economic crisis, or the deafening apocalyptic talk of prominent pundits (ahem, Glenn Beck), or even the resurgence of the zombie as the way that life on earth will... Continue Reading »

Halloween Home Improvement: Zombie-Proof Your House

Predictions of the Rapture came and went with nary a plague -- not even locusts! -- but that doesn't mean homeowners should lower their guard just yet. This Halloween, the wise would do well to safeguard their homes from that constant threat to suburban bliss, that scourge of middle America -- zombie home invasion. From... Continue Reading »

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