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Wall Murals in Homes: Take 'Em or Leave 'Em?

Ever since caveman days, humans have longed to decorate bare walls with their own paintings. However, wall decor commemorating an exceptional antelope hunt no longer pleases modern interior designers, but is it a better alternative to stark, white walls? Murals and frescoes appear less frequently today than they did in... Continue Reading »

Decorate Like a 'Steampunk': Mix History and Futuristic Sci-Fi

Nothing combines vintage and future-chic quite like the "steampunk" aesthetic. Mixing elements from the Victorian Era -- you know, when steam power was the only option -- with futuristic punk rock styles, steampunk is basically a sci-fi junkie's design paradise with bits of fantasy, science and engineering all converging... Continue Reading »

Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Discount on Wall Decals from STICASA!

Sleep underneath the New York City skyline or dine in front of the Roman Coliseum without leaving your apartment. STICASA, Milan-based wall-sticker producer, will transform your apartment into a desired destination with the help of its city skyline and landmark wall stickers. All wall decals are manufactured in Italy and... Continue Reading »

What's Hot on RentedSpaces This Week

From the weird (edible candles), to the wild (wacko Craigslist posts), to the wonderful (a smart money-saving web site), see what was cookin' on RentedSpaces this week. The most popular posts: 1. Live at Walmart, Not Sprawl-Mart Laugh if you will at the seeming absurdity of a Walmart being built on top of a Lowe's, but... Continue Reading »

Still Got Bare Walls? Dive into Decals!

Last week, we took a look at a few poster options for those of us with bare walls, zero mural skills, and the desire to improve the State of the Home. With some helpful constructive criticism - thank you, dear commenters - came the reminder that there's another option out there: one that is just as fun (if not more so),... Continue Reading »

Stick With This Holiday Gift

Wall decals and stickers are all the rage and for good reason. You can dress up every room in your apartment with no commitment: Simply peel away when it's time to move. They're the fastest and easiest way to make a personalized statement in your apartment without any fuss. We choose three of the best. Do you want... Continue Reading »

Damage-Free Ways to Liven Your Walls: Wall Decals

No one likes to come home to a dull apartment. But if your landlord won't let you paint or wallpaper, brightening your room may seem unattainable. But there's hope. To make sure your abode doesn't resemble a hospital room, here's an easy way to oomph up your digs. Continue Reading »

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