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Noise Insulation To Rock Your Walls

Speak softly: they could be listening. And if you've got thin walls, you definitely have a problem. There are many ways to muffle the noise coming in and out of your apartment. Our newest find is a stylish method using woolen, bubble-shaped wall hangings by Wobedo Designs. The colorful wall hangings block noise transfer... Continue Reading »

Use Your Walls to Declutter Your Space

For those for whom vintage posters and/or tricked-out and often hilarious wall decals aren't enough of a distraction from the endless expanse of bare walls, there's yet a third option. Extending far beyond the solely visual reach of the two-dimensional decoration and into three-dimensional usefulness -- but without the... Continue Reading »

Chalk It Up

Get out your rollers and brushes - it's time to update your walls with the latest wallcovering trend to sweep the nation: chalkboard paint. Bloggers everywhere are posting ideas about what type to buy, where to apply it, even how to make it yourself. Read on to find out how to incorporate some fun chalkboard touches into... Continue Reading »

Apartment Earth: Three No-VOC Paints to Color Your Walls

Want to personalize your apartment with paint? If possible, choose one that offers no volatile organic compounds or VOC's. VOCs are chemical pollutants frequently found in paint. Here are three easy-breathing, no-VOC paint lines to consider... Continue Reading »

Shhh! How to Reduce Noise in Your Apartment

A stunning view, a private parking space, or even the luxury of a washer and dryer can hardly make up for one big, nasty apartment problem: noise. Whether you hear your neighbors or the street outside, noise can raise your stress levels and ruin an otherwise stylish and comfortable apartment. The solution? Fix what you... Continue Reading »

Trend Alert!

Lately it seems that EVERYWHERE you turn, a cheery red poster is encouraging: Keep Calm and Carry On. Where did they all come from? Well, England, as you might have guessed from the crown. But why?Well, it might be that the British WWII propaganda message is eerily applicable to us today, what with our war and recession... Continue Reading »

Damage-Free Ways to Liven Your Walls: Wall Decals

No one likes to come home to a dull apartment. But if your landlord won't let you paint or wallpaper, brightening your room may seem unattainable. But there's hope. To make sure your abode doesn't resemble a hospital room, here's an easy way to oomph up your digs. Continue Reading »

Picture-Hanging for Dummies

Art and photography lovers will be happy to know that their family photos and prized paintings can be hung on any surface with the help of adhesive picture-hanging strips. Sturdy, durable and waterproof, these adhesives eliminate the need for nails, screws and holes. So if you've been trying to figure out how to make holes... Continue Reading »

Damage-Free Ways to Liven Your Walls: Peel-off Wallpaper

Wallpapers are one of the best ways to breathe life into a room. And although they dropped out of favor during the last decade, contemporary designs from top manufacturers are helping wallpapers get hip again. And for renters, easy, peel-off papers are a great way to liven a room sans annoying primer spills and... Continue Reading »

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