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'Transformer' Home in San Juan Islands, Washington, Adapts to Its Natural Surroundings

So you think you want to live in the great outdoors? Let's face it: Very few of us actually mean that. (Creepy crawlies, the natural elements ... ew.) So here's the perfect solution: a luxury home on one of Washington's San Juan Islands with "Transformer" abilities that allow you to feel like you're living outside --... Continue Reading »

'Spaceship' House in Lake Quivira, Kansas (House of the Day)

Much like beauty, the likeness of a home to that of a spaceship is in the eye of the beholder. First we brought you the house inspired by "Star Trek's" USS Enterprise, which 80 percent of our commenters thought didn't even look like the fictional space cruiser. Then we found a house in Russia that looked like... Continue Reading »

Naomi Campbell's Futuristic Russian Home: Like Something From 'Battlestar Galactica'

There's only one thing that can top the epic "Star Trek" home shaped like the Starship Enterprise. That would be supermodel Naomi Campbell's "Battlestar Galactica" mansion. Campbell's billionaire boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, is building the dream home of sci-fi nerds, dubbed the "Capital Hill Residence," in a forest... Continue Reading »

The Narrowest 'House' in the World Is Unveiled in Warsaw, Poland

Talk about feeling walled in. A house wedged into a 5-foot wide alley between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland, was unveiled by architect Jakub Szczesny last week. The two-story aluminum and plastic house, which is only 4 feet wide (and actually narrows to 2 feet wide toward the back), comes with a bedroom, kitchen,... Continue Reading »

Chris Whited's 'Hobbit House' on Bainbridge Island, Washington, Is Fit for Middle Earth

Washington state's sleepy Bainbridge Island probably isn't what J.R.R. Tolkien had in mind when he dreamed up the Hobbit territory of Middle Earth. But it seems to suit resident Chris Whited just fine, since that's where he's building a man-size "Hobbit house" (pictured above). White has built a chicken coop and a... Continue Reading »

Totally Trippy Mansion in Mukilteo, Washington (House of the Day)

Snag one seriously psychedelic piece of real estate by purchasing this $1.8 million totally far-out mansion in Mukilteo, Wash. Overlooking the Puget Sound, this home flaunts a one-of-a-kind architectural configuration that's just plain trippy. It's no wonder that our friends at Curbed have dubbed it the "most insane... Continue Reading »

'Treasure Island' Harbor in Charlestown, England, Hits Market for $7.1 Million

Ever wanted to play the role of movie set director? Here's your chance (sort of): An 18th century harbor in Charlestown, England, which has been featured in movies such as "Alice in Wonderland," "The Three Musketeers" and "Treasure Island," has hit the market for a little more than $7 million. Besides being used as a... Continue Reading »

A Custom-Built Mansion in Riverside, Calif. (House of the Day)

Ever had the need for a bank vault in your home? No? Oh, guess that's why this place isn't selling. As it turns out, living in a completely customized house might be super cool for you, but not necessarily for anyone else. This 14,500-square-foot "palatial" home sitting on 10 acres in Riverside, Calif., has a... Continue Reading »

Look Out for That House! School's Wild Art Installation

This house didn't just fall out of the sky, but Korean artist Do Ho Suh might want you to think it did. On top of the University of California, San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering building sits "Fallen Star," the newest art installation for UCSD's Stuart Collection. The 270-square-foot New England-style cottage... Continue Reading »

Norwegian Submarine Base Surfaces on the Market

Looking for somewhere to store your submarine? Well you're in luck! The Norwegian government is selling its Olavsvern Naval Base, and it's listed for a cool $17.5 million. The base comes with 145,000 square feet of surface building space and a 27,000-square-foot quay. There is also a submarine dry dock, a tunnel system... Continue Reading »

Kansas Missile Silo's Luxury Condos Sell Out

If you're hoping to snag an ultra-secure underground luxury condo equipped to make it through the apocalypse, join the waiting list. An abandoned missile-silo-turned-housing-complex in Kansas with eight $2 million units has sold out. Developer Larry Hall has been remodeling the Cold War-era Atlas-F missile silo in... Continue Reading »

Living on a Jet Plane

Talk about a mobile home. Bruce Campbell of Oregon purchased an old Boeing 727-200 plane more than 10 years ago for $100,000 -- and has since spent $100,000 more converting it into a house. Campbell, a building services and environmental engineer, has been documenting the progress on his website, Continue Reading »

Former Nazi Watch Tower Converts to Chic Luxury Home

We've shown you some pretty crazy living quarters -- missile silos, "earthships," mushrooms, the list is endless -- but a one-time Nazi watchtower takes that list of conversions to a whole other level. Outside a Belgian village named Steenokkerzeel is Chateu d'Eau, a six-floor luxury home that was formerly a water... Continue Reading »

'Billion-Euro Home' Built by Unemployed Artist

By Conor Humphries DUBLIN -- Giving new meaning to "money pit," an unemployed Irish artist has built a home from the shredded remains of 1.4 billion euros ($1.82 billion), a monument to the "madness" that he says has been wrought on Ireland by the single currency, from a spectacular construction boom to a wrenching... Continue Reading »

Real-Life 'Up' House Sells to Disney Fanatics

SALT LAKE CITY -- Two self-described Disney "fanatics" have purchased a house in Utah modeled after the colorful home featured in the animated movie "Up." Discovering the house in the Salt Lake City suburb of Herriman, Utah, was a dream come true for Clinton and Lynette Hamblin of Petaluma, Calif. The couple had been... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Live Outside the Box -- in a Missile Silo

Now, we've seen our fair share of non-traditional urban dwellings (Mushroom House, anyone?) but this one may top them all. At first glance, the "Silo Home" in Saranac, N.Y., looks like just another swanky mountain retreat -- a charming, luxury cabin boasting a log-sided exterior and soaring cathedral ceilings. But don't... Continue Reading »

Folly Architecture: 10 Most Absurd Designs

Sometimes picket fences and cupolas just won't do when it comes to making a statement with your house. If you're in the market for an off-the-wall custom home, consider drawing inspiration from architecture's greatest follies. Derived from the French word for "foolish," folly-inspired buildings defy logic and convention... Continue Reading »

Teenager Builds 130-Square-Foot House for College

As small homes go, we've covered everything from shotgun shacks to disappearing lofts, big city closets to itty-bitty bungalows. But in the annals of tiny home lore, 16-year-old Austin Hay holds his own special place. The industrious teenager spent his summer vacation building a 130-square-foot home on wheels, which he... Continue Reading »

Home For Sale with Skeleton in Cellar

STOCKHOLM - A Swedish real estate agent has an unusual piece of property up for sale: a five-bedroom house, complete with medieval tomb and skeleton in the cellar. The central Visby town house on the Baltic Sea island of Gotland was built in 1750 on the foundations of a Russian church. The kitchen lies on the presbytery,... Continue Reading »

Video: Family Lives in 320-Square-Foot 'Shotgun Shack'

Having trouble qualifying for a home loan? Then consider what this inventive family of three did and buy yourself a Mississippi-style "shotgun shack." Sick of working two jobs apiece to pay the mortgage on their 2,000-square-foot home, Debra and her husband Gary decided to give it all up and start over – by... Continue Reading »

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