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Cool Wine Racks That Don't Press for Space

Summertime is for enjoying fresh, seasonal produce. Couple that with a recent (and arguably, enduring) recession, and many of us are more than happy to pass up the trendy restaurant of the moment to stay home and rustle up a fine meal with help from the local farmers market. And an incredible bottle of prosecco... Continue Reading »

Bottles-Up! Wine Matures Into a Staple of Home Decor

Wine complements dinners, keeps our hearts healthy, moderates weight gain--and it can also decorate our homes. Just ask designer and TV personality, Courtney Cachet, who brought home empty wine bottles from her trip to the South of France in order to repurpose them as oil and vinegar containers and candelabra stands. "So... Continue Reading »

Boxed Wine Gets Respect

If the thought of serving a boxed wine makes you blush brighter than a sickly sweet white zinfandel, you're out of the loop. Boxed wines are not only back in fashion, they're better than you remember - with more vineyards than ever thinking inside the box. Whether you're looking for better value, longer shelf life, or... Continue Reading »

Holiday Wines for Under $10

The days of gifting a bottle of Trader Joe's famous "Two-Buck Chuck" on an unsuspecting hostess are long gone. Everyone knows the cost of TJ's wildly popular Charles Shaw line by now, and while it's still a tasty swill for less than three dollars, it's a sure-fire way to label yourself as the Cheap Guest. Not to worry:... Continue Reading »

Splurging Your Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings Time ends Nov. 1, so remember to set your clock back an hour this Saturday. What should you do with this extra-hour stretch? Don't squander it on beauty rest. Provided you're not out partying in-costume for Halloween, here are some recommendations for how to use that hour from sea to shining sea. Continue Reading »

Cash In on Wine Mistakes

It's a fact of life that accidents do happen. Tragically, they also happen to (gasp!) wine bottles. Sad, but true. But now, a new company called Accidental Wines is taking all those damaged and discontinued bottles and finding them homes: starting with yours! Continue Reading »

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