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Black Ice: Are You Responsible for Keeping It Off Your Property?

Black ice is a scary sounding term, and for good reason: It leads to car accidents, injuries, and a fear of walking outside in the winter. But are you responsible to clear this invisible menace if it's on your property? If someone gets injured slipping in front of your house or on your property, the short answer is: You... Continue Reading »

Moving Tips for Every Season

Moving is one of life's most stressful occurrences, even on a sunny day. Add snow, sleet, rain, extreme temperatures or even poor timing and moving can become unbearable. But a little bad weather shouldn't gum up the works -- you just need to be prepared. "The show goes on, no matter rain or sun," says Paul at One Big Man... Continue Reading »

Insulation at Home Saves Money

Raymond Yoder of Indianapolis, Ind. learned his lesson in home insulation the hard way. "It was cheaper to buy one of the new model homes without insulation. We figured we'd save the cash," Yoder says. That was in 1954. He has since moved from that home but not before, he admits, adding a lot more insulation to keep his... Continue Reading »

Ace of Space: 4 Winter Wardrobe Solutions

The summer heat is still on, but before you know it the winter cold will be here. So this is the perfect time of year to organize and weed out your winter wardrobe. After you've purged your closet, you should have more space to hang your clothing. But if you're like most apartment dwellers you might need a little extra... Continue Reading »

Home Staging Tips for Every Season

There is a lot to know about selling a home. And we've covered the topic of home staging as an important factor in attracting buyers. But did you know there are specific home staging tips for winter, spring, summer and fall? It's true -- seasonal home staging can better your chances of attracting buyers throughout the... Continue Reading »

The 411 on Frozen Pipes

File "frozen pipes" under the "hassles that can make a giant mess in your apartment" category. What's a renter to do when Old Man Winter decides to wreak havoc on the pipes? Student renters at the University of Connecticut recently got an introduction when their pipes froze and flooded their apartments. Damage included... Continue Reading »

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