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Oprah Winfrey Reportedly Bought House for Half-Sister

Zillow By ​Erika Riggs Oprah Winfrey is famously generous -- and it turns out, perhaps even more so with family. She reportedly dropped $490,000 on a home in Wisconsin for her half-sister Patricia Lofton, whom she met in 2010. Lofton was born a few years after Winfrey to Winfrey's mother, Vernita Lee, but was put into... Continue Reading »

5-Acre Estates for Sale Across the Price Range

Zillow By Catherine Sherman How much money would it cost to buy a house on 5 acres? As with most answers in real estate, it depends. Whether you get three bedrooms or four, two bathrooms or 2.5, it's usually not about the square footage of the house, but where it's located. To get a feel for regional price differences,... Continue Reading »

Homes Under $100,000, Near High-Ranked Schools

Zillow By Catherine Sherman Finding a home under $100,000 can be challenging enough, but most people aren't shopping in a vacuum. Factors like school boundaries are just as important as making sure the price is right. In addition to providing a good education for local kids, a good school district might protect you from... Continue Reading »

Single Dad Faces Eviction Due to Refinancing Snafu

What happens when you refinance your mortgage, but the mortgage broker doesn't pay off the first loan? Just ask Keon Williams of Milwaukee. Williams came home one day to find the locks on his home changed. Now he and his attorney are fighting to keep Harris Bank -- which acquired the one-story bungalow at a sheriff's sale... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Nixed When Lender Fails to Notify Homeowners

What happens when you're the last one to hear about your own foreclosure? If a mortgage lender can't find you at your last known address in order to personally serve you with a notice of default on your mortgage, it can put out an ad, called a "legal notice" in the local paper and notify you that way of its intent to... Continue Reading »

Mortgage Fraud Increase Makes It Harder to Get Loans

While you're likely to still hear about mortgage fraud cases on the rise, the actual trend for new mortgage fraud is down 25 percent. According to the 2010 CoreLogic Fraud Index, the mortgage fraud cases making it to the courts today primarily happened between 2006 and 2009. In fact, CoreLogic estimates that $14 billion... Continue Reading »

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